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STEM Company Tour Locations

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Inventionland stands as the world’s innovation destination. Over 1,000 visitors tour the invention factory each month. Its services now include comprehensive educational materials, as well as innovation supplies and services for schools and corporate innovation labs.

Creationeers at Inventionland work in 16 unique themed sets, such as shipwrecked pirate ship, faux cave, treehouse, pet shack, giant shoe, cupcake kitchen, giant robot and castle complete with turrets and drawbridge. The inspiring setting includes three running waterfalls, life-like trees and butterflies and grass-lined sidewalks. In the rear of Inventionland is a red carpet that leads to a state-of-the art audio, video, and animation studio complete with sound room and one of the largest green screens in the tri-state area. Its manufacturing capabilities include metalworking, woodworking, molding, laser cutting, prototyping, circuit board construction and more, which all take place in its state-of-the-art production facility.


Riding with Uber

Your ride, on demand

Whether you’re headed to PIT, the North Side wearing your black and gold or Mount Washington for a night out, the Uber app connects you with a reliable ride — from low-cost to premium — in minutes. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless.


Google’s Steel City office is a growing tech hub where engineers and product managers specialize in computer systems, networking, machine learning, computer vision, and route planning. We’ve launched revolutionary products, including the Sky Map app, Google Shopping, and the technology behind Face Unlock. We've also helped build products used by millions of users, including AdSense and AdWords. Our Shopping Operations team sits here, powering the complex ecosystem that allows you to search over 300 million products online. Set in a former Nabisco factory in Larimer, just minutes from Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, our workspace riffs on local fun thanks to a Kennywood Amusement Park–themed floor, office-wide trivia contests, and spontaneous jam sessions.

Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games is a 12 year old company that designs and develops video games to support workforce development and training.  We make learning simple, interactive and measurable, putting the power to learn and practice job skills in the player’s hands in a way that keeps the learner engaged and motivated.  Through the Simcoach Skill Arcade, we propel job seekers to explore careers, practice basic job readiness skills, and connect with training and employment opportunities.  The Simcoach team is made up of video game designers, game developers, software engineers, artists, and producers.  While very seasoned and experienced, the team operates using an agile development model allowing for multi disciplinary teams to cooperate and innovate.  The closely knit team has the freedom to work in small self-organizing teams where people respect and acknowledge each other's expertise in all stages of development and share progress during daily stand-up meetings.  Located in Pittsburgh’s vibrant Strip District, Simcoach Games partners with regional and national companies and organizations seeking innovative solutions. 

Fab Lab at Carnegie Science Center

Come tour the Fab Lab at Carnegie Science center and participate in one of our STEM-based maker field trips.  Our engineering challenges use the creativity and problem solving skills of students combined with the digital fabrication technologies of the Fab Lab (laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.)  During this team-based design competition, students work in teams to design, prototype, and test their solutions to an engineering challenge while learning about the digital fabrication technologies of Fab Lab.


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