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2021 EDGE Cohort

2021 EDGE Cohort

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What is EDGE? | Participant Outcomes | Who Should Attend? | What Others are Saying
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PTC Edge Cohort 3 

Come and find your EDGE! 

As mid-career female leaders, we often feel alone in facing our challenges. The reality is that many of us struggle with the same challenges, but we solve them in isolation. We need a vehicle through which to share best practices across companies and industries, and learn together through our collective experience.

EDGE is the first women’s mentoring experience of its kind targeting mid-career professionals.

As a participant, you co-create the 9-month EDGE agenda leveraging PEER Technology®. This ensures that the leadership content you receive is exactly what you need - this year - in your career.

What is EDGE? Watch this video to find out more.

Participant Outcomes

  • Re-engage in your Career and life

  • Build a Strategic Network

  • Executive Presence & Personal Branding

  • Coaching & Critical Thinking Skills

  • Influential Leadership & Negotiation

Who Should Attend?

  • High performing women that are looking to grow professionally and personally more in 9-months than they have grown in the past five years.

  • Women who are ready to get to that next step in their life and career and continue to drive progression forward.

  • Women that are looking to be invested in and invest in others.


Christy -Uffelman -Profile

EDGE is presented in partnership with Christy Uffelman, MHCS, CC and Align Leadership



What are others saying?

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Conniee“I expected the EDGE program to be a memorable leadership development and professional networking opportunity.  I did not expect EDGE to help me refocus and align my values with my professional and personal goals.  Through sharing both my vulnerabilities and successes with my EDGE sisters, I have been able to broaden my involvement in the Pittsburgh region, advocate for myself more successfully at work, and navigate career challenges and opportunities with heart and with sophistication. The impact EDGE has had on me personally and my team at work has been undeniably positive.  I am so grateful to have had this experience.”

Connie Deighan Eaton, PMP. IT Director, Carnegie Mellon University


Keishap“The PTC Edge program has been a great experience. When I entered PTC Edge, I expected it to be a traditional women’s leadership and development program. However, I discovered a safe place to develop meaningful personal and professional connections.  This program teaches every woman to tap into their inner self and learn how to become a more effective leader personally and professionally. I never realized that I was a somewhat introverted person in the workplace until participating in the program. I now have the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and do things I would typically never do, such as talk to people I do not know and share my journey as a woman of color. I now understand my power and strength and have the confidence to own my ideas. I’ve also learned how to network more effectively with both women and men from a variety of industries. The experience has been truly transformative. Thanks to PTC Edge, I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want.”

~ Keisha Pendleton, Project Manager, IES Communications,


Hollieg"My experience with the EDGE Program has been nothing short of life-changing. Despite living it for many years, I’ve learned just how much our personal and professional lives intersect and affect everything we do. I’m confident I now have the tools to navigate my career and life journey as a mom and wife, so I can be the best version of me. Working alongside other professional women with such diverse backgrounds has been the greatest benefit. For one, I’ve expanded my professional network while making lifelong friends. Perhaps more importantly, before EDGE, I never realized just how much I had compartmentalized my life and my experiences. With encouragement and guidance from my cohort members and our coach Christy Uffleman, I’ve found the courage to dig deep. In doing so, I’ve uncovered unconscious biases and other habits that were holding me back. I’ll be forever grateful for this experience and encourage other mid-career women to take the chance on this program. You never know how much room you have to grow until you look deep inside yourself."

~Hollie Geitner, Director of Communications, Duquesne Light Company


Meesha"About a year ago I was in a really bad place. I'd lost confidence in myself as a leader and couldn't see any path of resurrection for myself or my business. I was literally stuck. When I first came to EDGE I thought I would get 1 or 2 nuggets of wisdom and maybe network with some professionals. What I got instead was so much more. What I got was a group of women who genuinely want to see me grow, a new of strategic positioning and a new confidence in myself. EDGE is so much more than a leadership course, it’s what I needed to succeed." 

~Meesha Gerhart, Founder & CEO, RedTree Web Design


2021 Cohort: January – September 2021

Our next cohort launches in January of 2021.  The application deadline for this group is December 2020! If you would like to be part of it, please contact Andrea Krueger at the Pittsburgh Tech Council.

Connect with us at one of our info sessions and learn how PEER Technology® will help you Find Your EDGE .

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