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Virtual Hire UP Job Fair August

Virtual Hire UP Job Fair August

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It is difficult to meet passive job seekers!  The Tech Council is always trying to reinvent the ways we connect you with the best job seekers.  The next iteration of that process is our the Virtual Hire Up Job Fair.  This event is designed to replicate an in-person career fair without the logistical challenges a regular job fair presents.  This is our next effort to connect you with passive job seekers that will NEVER come to a face-to-face recruiting event for fear of seeing people they may know.  Candidates can meet with your company from the comfort and security of the location of their choosing.

How it Works:

  • After registering your organization to participate, you will be given access to create and customize your own booth, complete with your logo, images, videos and other information to make your organization stand out.

  • During the live chat, your representatives will connect 1-on-1 with job seekers to meet them, answer their questions and determine how to move forward.

  • Chat for up to 15 minutes with each candidate

  • Receive full list of candidates along with resumes after event

  • Job seekers will apply to attend in advance and choose your company to meet with. 

Who should attend?

  • Companies looking to recruit top technology talent through our new online platform

  • Companies looking to find those passive candidates that are not attending face-to-face event

  • Companies looking to brand themselves as a top place to work for technology professionals


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WHEN:  August 28th, 2017, 11am – 3PM

WHERE:  Anywhere with an internet connection

COST: $399 per Member company / $599 per Non-Member Company

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