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Start-Up of the Year

Start-Up of the Year

2017 Tech 50 Finalists
Start-Up of the Year

Angler Labs – ANGLR let’s you track your fishing with GPS to capture the locations, conditions, tackle, and most memorable fishing moments. The ANGLR Tracker uses advanced sensor technology and to precisely record casts and catches in the app for you, while you just focus on catching the big one. Now fishermen can effortlessly capture key fishing events to plan for success, make smarter decisions on the water, and share trips with their friends. 


Ariel Precision Medicine - ARIEL Precision Medicine (“ARIEL”) combines deep genomics sequencing with patient phenotype and a patient’s Electronic Health Record to map disease paths and identify targeted therapies. ARIEL’s first two commercial products are PancreasDx and the Smart-MD platform. PancreasDx, a next-generation sequencing test, identifies genetic factors that contribute to pancreatitis. The Smart-MD Platform uses AI algorithms to calculate disease trajectory and identify possible future complications based on PancreasDX results and complete patient medical history combined with disease modeling and machine learning of disease courses from other patients. ARIEL empowers doctors, provides a comprehensive picture of disease trajectories, and identifies precise therapeutic options.


ForAllSecure - ForAllSecure’s goal is to make the world’s software safe. To achieve their mission, they are building products that maximize machine and human potential in securing software. Their ambition is that no software should go unchecked or unprotected. To tackle the ever-growing volume of software being written, they are pioneering autonomous cybersecurity tools for developers, enterprise IT, and end-users that automatically find and fix vulnerabilities in software after it’s written. Maximizing human potential is also required to secure the world’s software. They create problem-driven online and in-person hacking experiences to educate and promote security awareness in educational institutions and professional teams, as well as individuals and have trained thousands of people to date.


Forest Devices – Stroke is the most disabling disease in the world. In the United States, 800,000 people have a stroke every year, and while 7 out of 8 people live through a stroke, two-thirds of survivors are discharged with persistent disability, many of them left permanently disabled and in nursing homes for the rest of their lives. Forest Devices has created AlphaStroke--it’s like an EKG for the brain that can be used in any environment. The company has completed a successful feasibility study, has letters of intent from future customers, and has confirmation of regulatory pathway from FDA.


PECA Labs - PECA Labs develops innovative cardiovascular devices with a primary focus on rare congenital heart defects.


Skycision – The average U.S. farmer loses 6% of their annual yield to undetected threats in their fields that come in the form of pest, disease, blight, water and heat stress. Skycision provides a world class decision support technology to farmers that uses aerial imagery collected by drone and satellite combined with field data to help farmers identify threats and remedy them before they impact their bottom line. Growers leveraging the solution see enhanced yield and reduction of costs in labor, fertilizers and pesticides.


Small Change -  Small Change is a real estate investment crowdfunding platform that connects investors with developers who are building better cities. They've even developed a gauge - "The Change Index" - to measure the positive impact a project has across social, economic and mobility characteristics. Best yet: anyone over the age of 18 looking to make change in their neighborhoods can invest. 

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