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Cyber Scene

Cyber Scene

Cyber SceneTechVibe Radio has joined forces with the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA) to bring you the new, on-going Cyber Scene podcast series detailing the latest threats and trends around cybersecurity. NCFTA’s Steve Mancini is the expert behind the mic to not only talk about threats, but also talk about simple strategies to ensure your cyber safety. 

Episode 1: The Latest Ransomware Dangers

TechVibe Radio co-host Jonathan Kersting asks Mancini about the latest threats around ransomware and the cloud. It’s a scary world out there! We’ll help you stay out of trouble. Listen here.

Episode 2: Avoiding Ransomware Traps

The National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance's Steve Mancini talks about fundamental steps to stay out of trouble and not become a victim of ransomware and more. Listen here.

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