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Emerge: Where Tech and Education Connect

The Pittsburgh Technology Council and Robomatter are partnering to bring you this unique podcast series exploring the latest trends and insights around STEM education.

Take a deep dive with us as we talk to leaders and innovators who are creating the next generation workforce built on technology, continuous learning and entrepreneurship.

Screen Shot 2018 12 19 At 25918 PMEpisode 1: Former Steeler Wes Lyons Details Cakery Square

What do professional football, high school students and baking have in common? You'll be surprised to find out how Wes Lyons is bringing equity to education one cupcake and student at a time. Listen here.

Screen Shot 2018 12 19 At 25932 PMEpisode 2: Mike Stafiej of LabCo NYC/Entrepreneurship With a Safety Net

The world needs entrepreneurs, but not everyone is ready to take the entailed risks. Find out how LabCo NYC provides a safety net for entrepreneurs to grow companies. Listen here.

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