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Catch the latest cybersecurity buzz with the Hornetsecurity HornetCast! Hornetsecurity is a German-based company that provides cloud-based security services to business customers worldwide. The company set up its North American presence in Pittsburgh. They're here to serve yinzzz.


OliverEpisode 1: The story of Hornetsecurity; why Pittsburgh?

Hornetsecurity CEO Oliver Dehning talks to TechVibe Radio's Jonathan Kersting about why this German cybersecurity company picked Pittsburgh to serve the North American market. Hornet's Craig Biertempfel and Jeff Locke also join the conversation. Listen here.


CraigEpisode 2: Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

Hornetsecurity CEO Oliver Dehning and his Pittsburgh team of Craig Biertempfel and Jeff Locke take a close look at how going to the cloud creates new opportunities and risks around cybersecurity. Listen here.

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