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Member Success

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Marco Q. Rossi & Associati Makes Headlines with TEQ Magazine

TEQ magazine is Pittsburgh’s defacto technology and entrepreneurship magazine. TEQ not only profiles the region’s top technology companies and the people that run them, but is also a great source for practical business-building knowledge.

TEQ publishes some the region’s most prolific business, technology, legal and professional services leaders. The PTC affords it members the opportunity to publish their expertise in TEQ magazine.

Mark V. Santo, Esq. recently returned to his native city to open an office for Marco Q. Rossi & Associati, an innovative  international boutique law firm with offices in Milan and New York. Mark has spent the entirety of his career in the global technology markets and is constantly involved in evaluating and negotiating with startups developing disruptive technologies, usually upon behalf of very large global enterprises. Mark wanted to share with young tech companies the lessons learned from this experience and he authored an article for Pittsburgh TEQ magazine. 

“I decided to write about this experience and offer some strategic advice for young technology companies seeking to undertake a strategic alliance with a large global enterprise,” said Mark. “Naturally, I reached out to the Pittsburgh Technology Council since this was the obvious channel to reach Pittsburgh’s technology sector.”

After Mark’s article was published, he received a call from a founder of a young company with a powerful software application for the oil and gas exploration industry. Sure enough, this company’s application had become orphaned after its assimilation into a leading global competitor and Mark was able to assist the company with a strategy to open a new path of collaboration with its counterparty.

Mark also received call from a leading global European manufacturer in the transportation industry who is acquiring small, promising technology companies. He discussed the problems with assimilating a disruptive technology and its key people into a large enterprise governed by inflexible budgetary guidelines and definitive corporate policies and procedures.

“Obviously, my article has resonated with the technology community here in Pittsburgh and its publication by the Council was a terrific way to introduce the opening of our new international law office here in Pittsburgh,” said Mark.



Black Box Builds New Business With PTC Services

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Black Box Corporation is a leading, global provider of communications and infrastructure solutions.

Even though the company is very well known in its hometown, executives felt they were not realizing the full potential of local business opportunities. Black Box joined the PTC to help grow its local business presence. Through our various marketing programs, including a very attractive Member2Member discount program, and numerous networking events, Black Box achieved its objective by increasing sales across each of its major offerings.

“Joining the Council helped us to increase our visibility in the regional market, which in turn helped us to increase revenue,” said Brian Kutchma, director of sales and marketing at Black Box. “The Council’s targeted introductions and marketing programs have helped us to grow our local presence. One of the new customer relationships built through our Council participation generated $150,000 in new business for us in just one year. We have certainly received a very strong return on our membership investment.”


TySongwhale Swims in the Pittsburgh Marketplace with PTC

Songwhale is a mobile solutions provider, developing emerging technology and services that facilitate sponsorship, advertising, distribution and monetization of digital content to mobile devices. Established in 2007, the company moved to Pittsburgh the following year to tap into the region’s business, technology and university scenes. The company joined the PTC to make those connections.

According to Ty Morse, Songwhale CEO and founder:
“Joining the Council was a great decision. Through the Council’s many valuable introductions, we were able to very quickly become part of Pittsburgh’s technology and business community. Not only were most of our early contracts a direct result of the contacts we made through the Council, the Council has always been a great promoter of our company with coverage of our new offerings and growth in their magazine, newsletters and radio program. Membership in the Council certainly helped to jumpstart our business in the Pittsburgh market, which set a very strong foundation for our successful expansion to national and international markets.”


StevePlus Cuts Costs while Raising Quality of Health Care Plan

Plus Consulting helps companies achieve optimal business results from their technology investments. As a PTC member, the company has come to expect member services that help it to achieve optimal business results.

From gaining valuable exposure through our various media outlets to identifying, recruiting and rewarding top talent, Plus Consulting takes advantage of our services to build its business and strengthen bottom-line results. Our PTC Corporate Coverage Group is just one of the Talent services that has delivered valuable results for the company.

According to Steve Smith, president and founder of Plus Consulting:
“The new PTC insurance team provided immediate value to us in our first meeting by recommending we implement a Health Reimbursement Account. This new alternative funding approach will deliver significant savings in premium without changing the quality of the coverage we offer to employees or their access to established doctors. We are very pleased with the strategic approach the PTC insurance team is taking to help us to protect both our employees and our bottom-line.”

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