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Predictive Index Services

Predictive Index Services

The PTC has partnered with Predictive Synergistics Systems to offer the Predicitve Index (PI) as a talent management solution for our member companies.

The Predictive Index will help your company with the follow people and culture initiatives:

PI Chart

This proprietary system combines assessment, educational training and consulting support, enabling managers to drive organizational performance with accurate data about their people. It’s a powerful and sophisticated model that provides data for recruitment and selection, coaching, performance management, employee engagement, communication, team effectiveness, succession planning and organizational development.

The PI Application Model

The Predictive Index® (PI®): a scientifically validated behavioral assessment that predicts workplace behavior. The PI offers a clear understanding of the needs and drives of the talent in your organization. It is valid, reliable and free of bias.

PI Wheel

Our Approach: We work for you and with you

We use an integrated instructional approach to education, combining instructor-led classroom learning with online courses and webinars to provide a highly effective adult learning experience.

Our process includes:


  • Introduction to Behavioral Science and the Predictive Index® (online course)

Instructor-led Training

  • Predictive Index Management Workshop™ (interactive, multiday classroom experience that certifies participants as Predictive Index Analysts)


  • Predictive Index® Review (online course of concepts learned during workshop)
  • Delivering Powerful PI® Feedback (online course on how to deliver powerful and impactful feedback from the data contained in the PI)

Listen Up, Learn More

Learn about the Predictive Index on TechVibe Radio. Stay tuned for more installments detailing how employers use the "PI" to make the hire, the first time.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Predictive Index

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Episode 3: The Predictive Index in Action

If you are interested in the Predictive Index please reach out to Andrea Krueger, akrueger@pghtech.org or 412-918-4243 to get started.

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