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Under Pressure: Green Gorilla Perfects the Garden Sprayer

Under Pressure: Green Gorilla Perfects the Garden Sprayer

Article Published: December 9, 2015

By Alyse Horn, Work Hard Pittsburgh

Green 385Three Pittsburgh engineers founded ForeFront Product Design to
focus on bringing innovation and technology to age-old industries. The company has created a paradigm shift in sprayer technology and is changing the ways of the 100-year-old business. 

ForeFront Product Design launched a line of industrial compressed air sprayers branded the Green Gorilla®—the first-ever intelligent sprayer on the market.  The company has developed a patented detachable pressurization system called the Power Pack that automatically pressurizes the tank and maintains the pressure to within a few pounds per square inch. It is aptly called the Smart Pressure Technology or SPT™.

It all began when one of ForeFront’s engineers, Phil Schrum, witnessed his wife constantly pumping a traditional compressed air sprayer in the garden and became determined to find a better way of pressurizing the sprayer. Since then, ForeFront spun off Green Gorilla and the company, which has grown significantly, has never looked back.  

The Power Pack incorporates a lithium ion rechargeable battery with a lifespan that lasts an eight-hour workday on a single charge and can effortlessly be swapped between multiple tanks using a patented Easy-Twist Quick-Connect™ system. The pack never comes in contact with the fluid in the tank so there is no risk of cross contamination or clogging when swapping the same Power Pack from one tank to another.

Because the tank is automatically pressurized and maintained at a precise level, the fluid from the tank has a consistent spray pattern from beginning to end. The Power Pack incorporates a micro-processor that controls a sophisticated pressure sensor; this is the heart of Smart Pressure Technology. 

This technology detects when more pressure is needed and helps users complete jobs up to 25 percent faster and with an efficient use of chemicals.

“Green Gorilla and Smart Pressure Technology will change the way we think about this industry forever,” said Mark Verosky, CEO of Green Gorilla.

Verosky explained that the company has created a line of sprayers specifically for industrial and commercial users. This includes industries such as pest control, biohazard and professional lawn and landscape, just to mention a few.  They also will take on any special requests for customized sprayers for those who have uncommon challenges in their field.

With this revolutionary product, Green Gorilla has a following in all 50 states and has gained international recognition as well in countries like Australia, Italy and Canada, according Verosky.

The company is now launching the 2016 Power Pack design. This latest design incorporates new micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, as well as added features, such as a battery level indicator. Eventually, the team plans to install Bluetooth technology so users can control the system on their smart phones while the tank is strapped into a backpack.

To learn more about Green Gorilla Automated Spray Systems, visit www.green-gorilla.com.

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