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Manufacturers must reach out to their elected officials

Manufacturers must reach out to their elected officials

Article Published: April 22, 2014

Petra Mitchell -WEBBy Petra Mitchell, President and CEO, Catalyst Connection

At Catalyst Connection, our mission in supporting manufacturing companies is to help them make improvements to their business practices in business growth, operational excellence and talent management so that they can successfully compete in a global economy, grow their business and create jobs. While I feel these areas are often the critical difference between a company that is struggling and one that is flourishing, I have to admit that at times there are forces outside of a manufacturer’s influence that can have dramatic impact on their ability to succeed. Forces such as commerce regulations, environmental standards and employee policies are decided on by local, state and national government representatives with far-reaching repercussions. Manufacturing companies need to communicate and educate their government representatives about the needs of their businesses. 

There are many ways for a business leader to get involved. Direct personal contact can be made through an email, letter, phone call or meeting. There are also groups that manufacturers can join to add numbers to their cause and have an organized outreach. The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Advanced Manufacturing Network is a good example of these groups. There are many groups available that you can find based on your industry, geography, or philosophy. 

In early March, I attended Hill Day in Washington D.C. with manufacturers and partners: Jerry Hudson—Concurrent Technologies Corporation, Ray Yeager—DMI Companies, Stephanie Dileo—Homer City Automation, and Georgiana Riley—TIGG Corporation. Hill Day is organized by the American Small Manufacturers Coalition each year to give manufacturers the opportunity to meet with his/her respective congressional delegation to advocate support for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program that helps fund the activities that Catalyst Connection performs in southwestern Pennsylvania. This provided a great opportunity for manufacturers and lawmakers to learn about one another. 

I want to encourage everyone to learn more about issues that may impact your business and let your voice be heard. It can be an educational and rewarding experience. 

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