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Getting to the Point with Sonexis

Getting to the Point with Sonexis

Article Published: August 20, 2014

For more than four decades, the Monroeville, Pa.-based family of companies Compunetics, Compunetix and Chorus Call has been a recognized leader in the innovation, engineering and manufacturing of leading-edge telecommunications equipment and services. Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi founded this family of companies to never be complacent and to always increase its foothold in the market.

SonexisSo in 2008, Compunetix—a manufacturer of electronics systems from PCB level assembly and testing to sophisticated electronic system integration—established Sonexis Technology to acquire the assets of Sonexis, Inc., of Tewksbury, Mass. Sonexis developed ConferenceManager, an integrated audio and web conferencing platform targeted at small and medium size enterprises. It appears the addition has fit nicely into the family.

“The product was first sold in 2002 and over the years developed into a robust and mature solution, in use by hundreds of  companies worldwide. One of the key reasons for bringing Sonexis into the Compunetix family was the singular focus of Sonexis on  penetrating the enterprise market,” said Dan Watkins, Executive Vice President of Sonexis.

After the acquisition, Sonexis went straight to work designing and implementing many product improvements and new capabilities that were developed and released for the ConferenceManager platform to meet market demands.

A specific focus has been placed on enhancing the ConferenceManager’s Web conferencing functionality to improve the end user experience and broaden the platform’s capabilities as a whole. Sonexis and Compunetix continue to leverage their collective engineering, product and market capabilities to position themselves for solid growth in the enterprise market.

As Sonexis moved forward into 2013-14, several new features were added to the ConferenceManager, according to Watkins. One of those is a new graphical user interface added to provide an operator  console. This capability has been requested by several current and prospective customers that all require the ability to monitor and  control the conferences running on their ConferenceManager.

The Sonexis Operator Console’s release has been married  with the announcement of the next generation Sonexis platform,  ConferenceManager™2.

“The new ConferenceManager2 design is a true progression of our unique conferencing product line,” Watkins explained. “We’re  monitoring the needs and wants of the customer and this smaller, faster, more powerful way of operating will provide ongoing return on investment to enterprises of all sizes.”

Sonexis2Sonexis has also worked closely with other divisions of Compunetix and Chorus Call to bring forward the broader capabilities of the entire Organization to the enterprise market. This effort will be strengthened as the family of companies continues to grow its network  of enterprise channel partners, which is the key to success in the  ever-evolving landscape of unified communications.

As conferencing technologies continue to improve and the needs of companies competing on a global scale continue to grow, Coraluppi’s family of companies will continue to meet these demands with innovative telecommunication solutions.

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