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Dawar Technologies Announces Updates To Optimize Products and Services In 2016

Dawar Technologies Announces Updates To Optimize Products and Services In 2016

Article Published: January 21, 2016

Dawar Technologies, the Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of projected capacitive (PCAP) and resistive touch screen solutions, is enhancing its capabilities in touch screen technology and valued added services with multiple product updates and the addition of capital equipment and production lines within its USA manufacturing facility to produce Glass-Film-Film PCAP sensors and optical bonding of touch sensors to liquid crystal displays (LCD). 

  “In response to demands from the marketplace, Dawar Technologies is excited to announce the completion of two major capital projects which have expanded the production capabilities of our Pittsburgh facility” said Dennis Fitzgerald, President & CEO of Dawar Technologies.   “The investment that the company continues to make for both equipment and people shows Dawar’s continued commitment to respond to our customer’s needs as well as enhance our ability to provide valued products and services demanded by a dynamic market.  This is how the company has continued to evolve and remain relevant since its formation back in 1883.”

These Dawar Technologies’ products and services include:

  • Optical bonding: a type of integration service that is used to laminate the touch screen (or other rigid material) to the top surface of the LCD.  Features and benefits of optical bonding versus traditional gasket attach methods include:
    • Enhanced optics and improved impact strength  
    • Improved transmission by removing internal reflections between the LCD and touch sensor glass
    • Improved viewing in bright ambient light conditions.
    • Less power required to make the backlight brighter in high ambient or even normal viewing conditions
    • Improved mechanical performance
    • Better impact, shock and vibration resistance for units that require a rugged environment
    • Elimination of any dust, dirt, or moisture that can collect between the sensor and display surfaces
    • Low haze and low yellowing fill material
    • Three new projected capacitive touch screen products:
  1. Glass-Film-Film: Glass-Film-Film PCAP solution consists of two film circuits that are optically bonded to a glass lens with Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA). This construction is ideal for users who are looking for the same durability as our Glass-Glass product with a decorative front lens but require an overall thinner and lighter solution.
  2. Glass-Film: A similar Glass-Film PCAP solution that consists of one top glass circuit and one bottom film circuit that are optically bonded together with Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA). This construction is ideal for rear mount integrations and for users who require an overall thinner and lighter solution and no decoration on the front surface.
  3. Double-Sided-ITO Glass: Double-Sided-ITO (GG2) PCAP solution consists of front glass lens with a glass sensor that has its circuits formed on both sides of the same piece of glass. This sensor construction is also known as DITO (Dual ITO). The GG2 construction allows for a relatively thin construction but with the option of a variety of lens decorations and thicknesses that can be optically bonded to the sensor. 

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