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Featured Pittsburgh Technology Council Members

Featured Pittsburgh Technology Council Members

Article Published: June 20, 2016

Get to know the Pittsburgh Technology Council's membership. Our members are driving the region's economy forward. From software and hardware to tech consulting, analytics and life sciences, PTC members are working at the forefront of their fields. Learn more about our newest members here. To learn more about the benefits of memebrship. Click here.

CoMira Solutions Inc.

CoMira Solutions Inc. provides silicon, software, systems and support products and services. We have put together an exceptional team of engineering professionals to provide best in class services to our clients. CoMira engineers are experts in all aspects of electronic product development including: system design, architecture, RTL design, MXS design and integration, validation and software development. Leveraging years of product experience, we have put together a comprehensive framework of productivity tools across the SoC product lifecycle that allow us to develop robust customized silicon, software, and system solutions in turn enabling our customers to bring new products to market quickly and cost effectively. 



We provide a full battery of consulting services to help you tackle the cybersecurity threat for your company. We can help you build an in house cyber security program, assess the cyber risk associated with a new acquisition or conduct due diligence for a potential merger. Call on Copasec to align IT strategy with your business which factors in cyber security risk. Copasec can provide foundation for establishing a Governance program with your company board.


Cyburgh Federal

Cyburgh Fed bridges Pittsburgh Technology to the Federal marketplace. Its flexible team of consultants tailor a market capture plan that targets rapid entry opportunities and positions company technologies for swift adoption across the broadest spectrum of government opportunities. Cyburgh Fed advises all manner of firms seeking to do (more) business with the Federal government, from entrepreneurial start-ups to mature technology enterprises, from solution providers to advanced tech innovators. 


Gerome Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Gerome Manufacturing Company, Inc., is a leading producer of diversified technical specialties that are distributed to a broad industrial market. Primarily a manufacturer of magnetic shields, the Company is also active in the fabrication of instrument enclosures, internal chassis, and NEMA-rated cabinets for manufacturers of electronic instruments, computers, power supplies, and motor controls.

Gerome uses advanced metalworking techniques to form, shape, weld, heat treat, and finish various high-quality magnetic alloys in a multitude of geometric patterns to provide efficient high-attenuation shielding for cathode ray tubes, photo multiplier tubes, transformers, and sensitive instrumentation. A wide variety of other materials -- aluminum, copper, brass, vinyl-coated aluminum, and steel -- can be fabricated into an infinite number of shapes to satisfy customers' needs.


With a clear goal to continually move the industry forward, Globoforce introduced a new way of thinking to HR leaders. Over the past century, recognition had consisted of tactical forms of “reward” that neither engaged employees nor moved businesses forward. Globoforce turned the industry upside down with strategic recognition. We disrupted old thinking.

Strategic Recognition™ gave HR and business leaders a new blueprint for success. By tying recognition to a company’s goals and values, a recognition program could achieve double-digit increases to employee engagement. This innovation was quickly embraced by many of the world’s most admired companies, including Intuit, Symantec, and Amgen.

Today, we are the global leader in recognition and we help power the cultures of some of the world’s largest and most trusted global organizations.


Hebi Robotics

Hebi Robotics builds intelligent and connected building blocks for creating robotic solutions and uses these building blocks to deliver these solutions faster, better, and cheaper than current technology. Well-defined interfaces, internet-enabled connectivity, and smart software tools allow implementers to spend their time focusing on the task at hand rather than low-level implementation details, resulting in faster development. The flexibility and reconfigurability of these tools allow robotic solutions to be more appropriately customized for their tasks, resulting in better robots. Finally, these both result in solutions that are cheaper, both due to reduction in development time and because customization means that only necessary parts are purchased.



Imagebox is a full-service branding, marketing, graphic and web design studio located on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh. Imagebox works primarily with local businesses and nonprofits to grow their organizations through effective and affordable marketing solutions.


Level Interactive

We are the best marketing agency for ROI+ campaigns because our clients – and the science behind our approach - demands nothing but production from every penny of your marketing budget.

PCN (PC Network Inc.)

PCN does more than provide technology and services for DDI; we strive to be a strategic partner offering complete technology lifecycle solutions. We differentiate ourselves by our unwavering personal commitment to service, passion for excellence and successful delivery in meeting your business objectives. There are so many choices when undertaking a technology project. Whether you are embarking on an IPv4 to IPv6 adoption, migrating, assessing or securing your DNS/DHCP infrastructure, or building out a number of other technology initiatives, you want to ensure you have the right partner in place to handle the job.



Tribepool is a mobile carpooling application and website which will provide a safe, private platform for subscribers to create scheduled and ad hoc carpools for themselves and family members with other known subscribers. 

Wrecking Crew Media

Wrecking Creww Media is a digital content creation studio. Storytelling through video for the web, broadcast, trade shows and events.

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