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Giddy Up! Pittsburgh Technology Council Member News Roundup

Giddy Up! Pittsburgh Technology Council Member News Roundup

Article Published: February 1, 2016

Screen Shot 2016 02 01 At 94529 AMFebruary is kicking off quickly as PTC member companies keep making headlines with investment, new software and a little hardware, too! We've rounded up the latest news briefs from Hitachi, Carmell Therapeutics, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, Comcast and Neuro Kinetics for your tech-reading pleasure.


Hitachi Data Systems Announces Hitachi Flash Storage Solution

The emerging wave of next generation applications require that data centers be incredibly responsive, agile, accessible and automated. The only way to keep up with business needs is to adopt a software-defined approach to infrastructure accelerated by flash technology.  In order to help its customers reach that goal, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced the newest addition to its flash portfolio, the Hitachi Flash Storage (HFS) A series family of all-flash arrays. 

The Hitachi Flash Storage A series packs a powerful punch with industry-leading total cost of ownership (TCO), unmatched capacity density, dependable performance and efficient power in a small footprint. The simplified appliance package is easy to deploy and includes data optimization technologies, making it ideal for quickly boosting performance in multiple environments for fast business insights and services delivery.  System performance can be efficiently shared between multiple applications through quality of service (QoS) software. HFS A is the ideal platform for customers who want unprecedented performance and TCO in all-flash arrays.

Get all of the details here. 


Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG), the region’s premier life sciences investment firm, made its first investment of the year into Carmell Therapeutics, a company that develops products made from blood plasma. The new commitment is PLSG’s eighth investment into Carmell for a total of nearly $1.1 million since the very first investment commitment to form the company in late 2007.  

“Our first investment of 2016 was a commitment to participate into Carmell Therapeutics’ current $1,000,000 note round,” said John W. Manzetti, President and CEO of the PLSG. “Building on the company’s announcement of its publication in the journal Biomaterials titled ‘Plasma-Based Materials Shown to be Effective Antibiotic Delivery Vehicles,’ current investors are participating and the capital is being used to advance the company’s regulatory and marketing strategy.”

The PLSG is utilizing the recent Innovate in PA state grant funding to support the investment. PLSG’s Accelerator Fund I has also reinvested into Carmell in this round.


Comcast Business today unveiled WiFi Pro, a comprehensive Wi-Fi solution that includes cloud-based controls, marketing tools and other advanced capabilities. WiFi Pro is designed and built for a wide range of businesses such as SMBs and enterprise branch locations.

According to Cisco, Wi-Fi devices will power a majority of all Internet traffic by 2017, and a 2015 study by Tech Pro Research found that 74 percent of businesses are using or are planning to use “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. These, and other trends in consumer and employee behavior are causing demand for Wi-Fi to grow exponentially. WiFi Pro was built to enable businesses to serve both guests/patrons and employees.

It provides two high-performance commercial Wi-Fi networks – a private network for employees and a guest network for visitors and patrons – providing additional security, and leverages the latest AC chipset to support the fastest Wi-Fi speeds and expanded range.

Neuro Kinetics Releases New Software

Neuro Kinetics Inc. (NKI) announced the release of VEST™ 7.5 and I-Portal® 5.0.

A few key points about Neuro Kinetics' latest software:

  • VEST & I-Portal are on a Windows™ 7 platform
  • Automatic blink detection has been incorporated, making the clinician's analysis easier
  • Improved patient search function makes it faster to locate existing patients
  • Upgraded save video function helps the clinician to efficiently capture vital clinical images
  • Functionality to upgrade to high speed, 250 Hz., video-oculography (VOG) goggles
  • Lastly, the rigorous quality testing, validating, and debugging makes this release uniquely stable

Importantly, VEST 7.5 and a new test, crHIT, the first computer-controlled rotation Head Impulse Test, have been recently cleared by the FDA. Companies, like NKI, that constantly innovate are required to submit their accrued enhancements to the FDA in a new 510(k).

The new crHIT test option is the only commercial whole body head impulse test that helps clinicians evaluate central vestibular and horizontal canal function. In various ongoing studies this test is proving to be a sensitive clinical tool. NKI's chief technology officer, Alex Kiderman, Ph.D, will be presenting results on crHIT at the American Balance Society meeting on March 1st & 2nd in Scottsdale, AZ.

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