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Making Headlines: PTC Members in the News

Making Headlines: PTC Members in the News

Article Published: September 15, 2016

Women Are Almost Half of Carnegie Mellon’sIncoming Computer Science Undergraduates

Women make up 48 percent of incoming first-year undergraduates this fall in Carnegie Mellon University’s top-ranked School of Computer Science (SCS), setting a new school benchmark for diversity.

SCS has long been a national leader in increasing the participation of women in computer science, a discipline in which women have been significantly underrepresented nationwide.

A 38 percent increase in the number of women who applied for admission with SCS as their first choice contributed to this year’s record enrollment, said Guy Blelloch, associate dean for undergraduate programs.

“Even though we’ve increased enrollment, our admissions have become more competitive,” Blelloch said, noting that average SAT scores, grade point averages and class rank were up for this year’s incoming class. “For example, the average combined math-reading SAT score for women went from 1537 last year to 1552 this year. It’s identical to that for men and significantly higher than the overall average SATs at top schools such as MIT, Harvard and Stanford.”

Women and men are judged by the same standards for admission, and retention rates historically have been the same for both, he noted.      

W5Templates Receives US Patent 

W5Templates was awarded US Patent (9,400,777) protection for a management data processing system and dashboard sorting method operating within a third party spreadsheet application environment. The sort option is configured to determine a column of a currently selected cell in the master worksheet, sort the column based on a function not provided by the third-party spreadsheet application and adds a selected sort to a list of currently active sorts. The dashboard interface worksheet comprises a number of selectable dashboard options comprising a sort ascending option and a sort descending option.

W5T offers a series of pre-customized and easily modified Excel spreadsheets and a mobile app (available for Android, Apple, and Amazon) for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Users having a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel are easily able to use the W5T system. Free trial available on the web site.

Expedient to Increase Data Center Capacity with $14M Project at Nova Place in Pittsburgh

Expedient, a cloud computing and data center infrastructure as a service provider (IaaS), announced today that it is initiating an expansion project at one of its Pittsburgh, PA data centers, located at Nova Place, formerly known as Allegheny Center Mall. The facility is one of two enterprise data centers the company operates in the region. The project, scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2016, will build new data center space contiguous to its existing space, and when complete, will effectively double the power, environmental and raised floor computer room capacity at the location, while also creating a larger shared lobby, operations support center (OSC) and client convenience area.

Originally commissioned by Expedient in 2008, the facility featured 10,000 square feet of raised floor computer room space. A project completed in 2012 further increased computer room capacity to 18,000 square feet. The new project, representing a $14M capital investment, will create conditioned space for more than 385 additional colocation cabinets to host both physical and virtual cloud computing platforms. The total available raised floor computer room space will grow to 28,000 square feet. “Our team is excited about the new opportunities that expansion represents and we’ve enjoyed a lot of it for the past several years including our two most recent builds in Columbus, OH and Memphis, TN last year,” remarked Shawn McGorry, President and COO of Expedient.

The expansion and renovation is scheduled to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2017.

Passenger Traffic on the Rise at Pittsburgh International Airport

At Pittsburgh International Airport, total passenger traffic in July shows a 2.2 percent increase above July 2015. Year to date, all scheduled carriers combined are up 2.6 percent, and year to date total airport passenger traffic is up 1.7 percent.

“Once again, we are seeing new air service stimulate the market and allow for increases in passengers,” Airport Authority CEO Christina Cassotis said.

Since 2014, 26 new nonstop destinations have been announced at Pittsburgh International – a more than 50 percent increase. Service gains on Frontier and Allegiant, as well as American to Cancun, have increased capacity. OneJet and Southern Airways are also contributing with new regional commuter flights.


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