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MAYA Design Launches Practices, Expands to NY

MAYA Design Launches Practices, Expands to NY

Article Published: March 17, 2016

Screen Shot 2016 03 18 At 101344 AMMAYA Design, a design consultancy and innovation lab, is making a series of strategic investments to support company growth and evolving client needs. In an era where trillions of devices outnumber people and Big Data is currency, MAYA is launching four Practices to help clients grow and thrive in a connected world. The company also expanded its team to provide dedicated expertise and add to its diverse team of thought leaders. Additionally, MAYA recently opened a location in Brooklyn, NY to further engage with clients in the area.

“We’ve learned a lot from helping organizations achieve their goals, and we’ve seen the challenges that businesses face as we enter an era of unbounded complexity,” said Dutch MacDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer. “As our clients’ needs evolve, our business must also evolve through the services we provide and where we conduct business.”

Technological advancements are affecting how companies are run, the way products and services work, and the environments in which people live. MAYA is focusing it offerings under four Practices: Strategy, Creative Environments, Products & Services and Pervasive Computing, to help organizations navigate this rapid pace of change. These Practices will draw from 26 years of deep expertise in human-centered design, information architecture, and research & development.

“MAYA has always existed to tame complexity, which means that we develop solutions that are people-centric and built from an architectural core. We want to put things out into the world that make users feel powerful and can withstand the next 25 years,” said John Crowley, VP of Strategy. 

MAYA’s operational investments include securing office space in Brooklyn, NY. The organization is expanding its presence to be more accessible to businesses in the area and continue to work side-by-side with clients. Additionally, three new positions were created to provide oversight and expertise to the Strategy and Creative Environments Practices.

As Strategy Practice Lead, Greg Gibilisco works with leaders at the enterprise, business unit, department and team levels to identify, create and align critical policies and actions to shape the future of their business. Prior to his current position, Gibilisco was Director of MAYA’s Visual Design group.

As Creative Environments Practice Lead, Kristi Woolsey focuses on discovering and defining the connections between environment, culture and business outcomes. She works with clients to uncover how physical and virtual space can empower employees and engage customers. Prior to joining MAYA, Woolsey had worked in various strategic and consultative roles across the U.S., where she focused on the impact environment has on human behavior.

As Senior Strategist, Derek Lasher will support the Strategy Practice to help organizations re-think their business models, explore and develop new offerings, and positively impact their culture. Lasher is MAYA’s first Practitioner working out of the New York office.

MAYA will continue to build off of its core offerings and look for new opportunities to grow its team and expand into the New York market.

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