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2017 CREATE Festival: A Co-CREATE Program Demo Day

2017 CREATE Festival: A Co-CREATE Program Demo Day

Article Published: May 30, 2017

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Every spring, the Pittsburgh Technology Council gears up for CREATE Festival. The event  is filled with art, technology, workshops, talks, performances, awards, parties, and opportunities to experience trends in creativity and innovation.

Some of you may not realize that CREATE stands for Changing Realities with Art and Technology Explorations. The festival has been occurring annually since 2009. Throughout the years, the festival has evolved from a grass-roots art and tech exhibit into a multi-day festival.

CREATE is a mashup of connectivity, interactivity and inspiration, showcasing the year’s most innovative work in the Creative Industries. The event wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t feature our Co-Creators. They have been sharing their progress on their innovative work throughout the year and now is the chance to get a personal look at their businesses.

Ashley Cecil
In 2016, Ashley Cecil had an art residency at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. During the residency, she learned a lot about bird-window collisions. On your way into CREATE Fest, take a close look at the drawing installation on the patio  doors of the August Wilson Center. There you will find an iteration of artwork Ashley created at the museum.  Also, during CREATE, be sure to stop by Ashley’s talk with Matt Webb where they will collaboratively address conservation problems through creative solutions.

Monica Yope
During CREATE, Monica Yope will be running  Pop Craft workshops! She will be offering two free workshops!

Block Printing: Walk up and make a block print that celebrates Pittsburgh and Making. Free block prints on 8x10 paper for all attendees of the CREATE.

8-Track Wallets: Make a funky wallet by up-cycling vintage 8-track cassettes. All supplies will be provided. You will learn how to take apart an 8-track tape. Then, you’ll remove the innards and then cut out extra plastic using thread, MacGyver style! Finally, add in a hinge and some bands to hold your cards and cash.

Lastly, Monica is launching love, Pittsburgh, a new gift shop opening in Mount Washington, with Kelly Sanders. The shop will sell made-in-Pittsburgh products and is dedicated to supporting local artists and makers.

In order to get the store up and running, Yope and Sanders will need to raise $5,000 in order to bolster inventory and make necessary improvements to the space. The women are committed to investing the money from the Kickstarter back within the region.

The love, Pittsburgh kickstarter campaign launches on June 1, the day of the CREATE fest.  Learn more about love, Pittsburgh and contribute to their campaign at their website.

Lori Hepner
Lori and her collaborator, Kendra Ross, will be performing Intersection*ology at CREATE. Check out the trailer to their performance.

Gina Mazzotta
Gina Mazzotta  will have her hats on display at her booth! Not only that, but she’ll have a "photobooth" allowing participants to interact with them and post on social media.

Heather Wechter
To celebrate the CREATE Festival, free downloads of tribepool will be offered on June 1st. A great new feature of tribepool is SOS.  Sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself in a transportation quandary.  Send out an SOS alert straight from tribepool to instantly connect with those you trust most! Tribepool has your back!

Christine Bethea
Christine Bethea of Art City Pittsburgh (formerly the Passports Art Diversity Project) will be presenting a fashion show of recycled and eco inspired apparel some of which were highlighted at her Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival this past May at the Unblurred Art Crawl on Penn Avenue; created by the Students and faculty of CAPA High School. The clothing will now take to the runway in an extravaganza during the "Create"  Intermission with "Sterling," a student recently mentored by Hip Hop On L.O.C.K, in performance.

The festival is presented by the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and is championed by Comcast, Dollar Bank and the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. Come join the Co-Creators on June 1, 2017, at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.


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