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A2U Acquires Philadelphia Consultancy

A2U Acquires Philadelphia Consultancy

Article Published: March 27, 2017

Unified Medical Solutions (UMed), a Philadelphia-based IT consulting group, joined A2U. With this new partnership, A2U gains a new CTO, David Holdan. Holdan is the former CEO of UMed and a 25-year veteran in healthcare IT.

Screen Shot 2017 03 27 At 14557 PMUnder Holdan’s leadership at UMed, his innovative healthcare end-point solution, UCare was implemented in some of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest healthcare systems. UMed partnered with leading, end-point and virtualization vendors and was RES Software’s first healthcare-focused partner in the U.S. after RES entered the country in 2009.

Dillman says A2U currently serves IT consulting customers in Western PA, throughout the state and the region. However, this new agreement allows the company to expand resources in Eastern PA to better meet the growing demands of that region.

While Holdan will be serving customers throughout the region, he will be based in the Philadelphia-area. Starting this week, Holdan will oversee A2U’s IT services and work closely with customers to build solutions.

A2U leadership says welcoming UMed customers and David Holdan into the community just seemed like a natural fit and progression for Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing technology company.

This announcement comes on the heels of A2U’s recent achievement of being named a finalist for the Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award. The company is planning a second announcement later this week.

About Applications2U

A2U is a leading, full-service IT consulting and cloud hosting provider with 325 years of combined IT experience, offering 20+ vendors to clients across a wide range of verticals.

Based in Cranberry Twp., PA and founded in 2003, A2U has positioned itself as a thought leader in the industry. The company is one of about 30 Citrix Platinum Partners in the country. The company is also highly recognized as a Platinum Partner in RES Software and IGEL technologies. Last year, A2U was named the fastest growing technology company in Pittsburgh. In addition, A2U was named a 2017 Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award finalist.

In November 2016, the company acquired Roberts Construction and expanded its services to include facility solutions/collaboration offerings.

About UMed

Established in 2010 and founded by David Holdan, UMed is a healthcare IT consulting firm based in Eastern PA. The company has earned Citrix Gold Partner status and worked with leading technology partners such as, VMWare, RES Software and Imprivata.

UMed was RES Software’s first healthcare-focused partner after RES entered the U.S. in 2009.

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