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The 2017 CREATE! Festival Takes Pittsburgh by Storm

The 2017 CREATE! Festival Takes Pittsburgh by Storm

Article Published: July 31, 2017

By Eva Martino, Franklin Regional High School

Creative and technology industries are changing the world around us as we speak. Creative technology and innovation go hand in hand with advances today. Many people take the creative aspect of technology for granted, but the creative industries include everything from engineering to design. But, it is crucial that we are aware of these advances, along with the creators who make it possible. The Pittsburgh CREATE! Festival (Changing Realities with Art and Technology Explorations), helps bring to light all of the amazing things that can be developed not only technologically but, creatively as well. This year’s CREATE! is full to the brim with engaging activities focusing on art, technology, and young entrepreneurship. Here are some of the observations that I made at CREATE!

Create4Perfect Presenters

The festival kicked off with experimental guitarist Byron Nash followed by an inspirational poem from Jamin Olivencia. The poem, The Power of Creativity, captures the beauty of creativity with a spoken word presentation. Jamin Olivencia is a professional wrestler that has taken a liking to inspirational speaking, he shares positive messages and urges younger generations to follow their dreams and do what they love. Another moving performance was from Nairobi, a 19-year-old singer, poet, actress and writer. Nairobi helped to put some of today's problems into perspective while showcasing her talent in writing and presenting. Along with these performances, CREATE! also had creative entrepreneurs Daniel Alarik, Emmai Alaquiva, Nina Barbuto, Phil Laboon, and Lisa Song Sutton speak about their personal keys to success in many different fields of work. The group of engaging speakers shared new ideas and ways for artists, young people and entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.

Create3Innovation Sensation

Along with all of the amazing speakers and presenters, the Innovation Salon was setup to display art and technology to the public, free of charge. From turntables to intricate jewelry designs, CREATE! had it all. Contemporary hatmaker Gina Mazzotta showcased an array of beautiful fashion forward hats. Gina Mazzotta creates unique hat designs that are accessible to any audience. Chakira’s Playhouse, maker of Hacked Toys, added a unique twist to the festival with entertaining and engaging activities. CREATE! not only brings people together, but also leads to major exposure for creators and innovators. With such exciting displays, it was almost impossible not to stop in the Innovation Salon and join the fun.

No Apologies for this Technology

Technology is one of the biggest parts of CREATE!, so many tech companies come to show off their innovation. The young company, Module, designs adaptable housing units. These tiny houses can be made larger at any point in time based on individual needs. The tiny house wasn't the only tech innovation at CREATE!, there were multiple robots as well. Eric Singer brought his Shotbot along for the ride, and Ian Brill mesmerized us with his glowing wall of light, titled Shoji. Innovators, like Eric singer and Ian Brill are an example of how art and technology come together to make the world a more interesting place. 

The CREATE! festival left attendees with a ton of inspiration, new ideas and perspectives, while bringing technology and the creative industries together. Events like CREATE! are what will help catapult society into a new age of creativity and innovation.

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