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Pittsburgh Tech News Roundup 4/28/15

Pittsburgh Tech News Roundup 4/28/15

Article Published: April 29, 2015

Unisys Recognizes Top Clients/Partners

Unisys Corporation recognized 10 clients and partners with Lighthouse Awards for their vision and leadership in applying modern technologies to mission-critical IT challenges. This is the first year that Unisys is recognizing partners and clients as part of the new Lighthouse Client Advocacy Program. Eight of the winning organizations received the Lighthouse Innovation Award, and two received the VIP Channel Partner Award, Braxton Grant was the U.S. selection. Unisys Award Info is here. 

Plus, Braxton-Grant Technologies Inc. (BGTech) utilizes the Unisys Stealth security solution to protect the critical infrastructure of a Fortune 100 company by allowing them to secure and defend their assets, which allowed them to continue making scientific breakthroughs and help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.  YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yFgxKIGrJ0


Simcoach Games Announces New Hires

Entering its 10th year as the leading serious games company in Pittsburgh, Simcoach Games has created five new positions in the first quarter of 2015.

Ed Gill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will lead the sales and marketing team to execute the company’s strategy centered on remaining the leader in developing video games that drive learning and behavior change.

Alexandra Cole, Marketing Director, works closely with executive leadership to develop and implement marketing strategy with an emphasis on lead generation and business development.

Bryon Lagania, Artist, works with the development team to make artwork and models for the company’s serious games.

Hao Fu, Associate Game Developer, works with the development team to program and design the company’s serious games.

Anthony Zabiegalski, Associate Game Designer, works with the development team to design the overall experience of the game and maintain that vision through the lifetime of the project.


PC Network Services Acquires CMIT Solutions-Boston

Pittsburgh-based IT Services provider PC Network Services (PCNS) acquired Boston-based IT Services provider CMIT Solutions – Boston (CMIT Boston). The merger brings together two companies that are among the most highly regarded Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in their respective markets. Brook Venture Partners led the transaction with co-investors Blue Heron Capital, an operationally focused private equity firm based in Richmond, Va.; and Pride’s Crossing Capital of Wakefield, Mass.

“This merger brings together two world-class service providers that are kindred spirits in customer focus, operational discipline and – most importantly – in the outstanding results they deliver to clients,” said Michael Halperin, CEO of PCNS. “The synergies between our two companies are tremendous. Our cultures, our core values, our methodologies and our standards are very much aligned.”

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