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Call for Small Manufacturers Seeking Innovation: Design House Innovation Jam

Call for Small Manufacturers Seeking Innovation: Design House Innovation Jam

Article Published: August 25, 2015

Are you a small manufacturer in the Pittsburgh or surrounding region, looking for new ways to innovate? If so, submit now to become a Design House Innovation Jam recipient!

Chi JamThe Pittsburgh Technology Council and its partners will select one local manufacturer to be featured this fall, as part of the new Design Matters series, which brings together designers and manufacturers in a hands-on ideation session to imagine new product concepts which can be made locally.

In the first segment of the event, Paul Hatch founder of Chicago-based Design House will give a presentation about a new movement to support Local Manufacturing.  He will explain ways in which designers, entrepreneurs, makers and local organizations can use new strategies to help revitalize local manufacturing and make a difference to Pittsburgh.

In the second segment, designers and innovators will participate in an all-action collaboration session to support a local manufacturer.  As a manufacturer, Design House will explore your facility and capabilities, assess your particular strengths, and then go through a series of ideation sessions to generate product ideas alongside some of the most interesting and creative people in Pittsburgh.

DATE: TBD, Fall 2015

LOCATION: AlphaLab Gear

Hosted by the Pittsburgh Technology Council and Catalyst Connection



To submit your company as an Innovation Jam recipient, email Kim Chestney, Director of Creative Industry Acceleration at kchestney@pghtech.org by Wednesday, September 9.

Please include a link to your website, one paragraph about your current products and one paragraph about any ways you are seeking to innovate.

There are no costs or frees associated with being a jam recipient.

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