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CleanPix Launches Redesigned Service

CleanPix Launches Redesigned Service

Article Published: October 15, 2014

Imagine a central hub to deal with all your company's photos, videos and logos with rights management control. The CleanPix headquarters announced on October 2014 the worldwide release of a BOLD new version of the CleanPix service. Efficiently managing the lifecycle of your brand assets is the key to dealing with today's explosion of rich media content. Since 2002, the CleanPix service has been known for its ease
of use and fast implementation at an affordable cost.

Considering the many types of marketing collateral that a communication professional uses daily, this new release of CleanPix will simplify their task while providing a friendly interface which any staff member or network team can be in control of, even on their tablets. The actions are: upload, control, and deliver. Opening an account is also that simple: go register and pay online.

The competitive edge:

• In choosing a digital asset management (DAM) service for your team, usability and adoption rank among the highest factors that impact its success. CleanPix eliminates the need for long training and sluggish implementation found in traditional systems. "Accounts can be set up and ready in a matter
of hours versus months. Storage size or number of files are no longer an issue." says Nelson Vigneault, CEO CleanPix Corp.

• A company may choose between 3 fixed rates to suit their budgets:
PRO is the starter edition, TEAM for companies with several departments or network teams, and ENTERPRISE for more complex and international companies. The moment a few files are uploaded, the account manager can view and tag them, define the appropriate rights management for each brand asset and deliver them.

• Hi-res photos, HD video and logos are automatically processed into multiple formats the moment they are uploaded, ensuring that the files are always in the right format... ready for you, your team and your end users. CleanPix often works in tandem with other large enterprise Digital Asset Management systems that have become too heavy to deal with the fast pace of immediate
marketing needs.

The reason is simple, CleanPix is "DAM" simple.

Get more info at:

Chip Hoffman, 239-872-3335, www.cleanpix.com

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