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IT-CNS Launches Service for Highly Secure Data Transfers

IT-CNS Launches Service for Highly Secure Data Transfers

Article Published: December 10, 2014

IT-CNS, Inc, a subsidiary of CNS a.s. is launching a new service for highly secure data transfer on December 10th, 2014. This service will be released on the 66th anniversary of the adoption of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nation General Assembly. This legislation guaranteed individual privacy.

Safety4Data is an application which was developed for the US market based on similar and successful solution for the European market. The application allows automated, highly secure data exchange between two or more users. Distinct advantages of the program include not only its high speed and intuitive environment, but also its ability to run flawlessly in the background of operating systems. Transferred files are available only to users, neither the service provider nor any other third parties have access to data sent through the network. Due to this security, users avoid the possibility of accidental data leakage.

The basic version of Safety4Data is free, however, users may choose to add more users to the network and transfer more files for a monthly rate.

Nowadays we see many cases of data leakage on the internet and not just the intimate celebrity photographs. Concerns about dangerous threats like misuse of business information and industrial espionage have affected not only large corporations but also small and midsize companies. Because of this problem, we decided to offer our proven European solution on the US market.” said Jakub Voleman, CEO of IT-CNS, Inc. about the Safety4Data launch.

Both data specialists and the general public are concerned with issues regarding data security. For this reason we decided to develop Safety4Data and utilize our more than 20 years of experience with data security on Czech and European market to provide a long term solution. This application was created after thorough analysis of available solutions for data distribution. Safety4Data includes functions that are not provided in any other single security application.” added Petr Samek, Vice President of IT-CNS, Inc. and Vice-chairman of the Board of CNS a.s.

Safety4Data is designed for a wide range of users from families to small and mid- size companies to large corporations. IT-CNS, Inc. also offers design customization of the application according to clients’ needs.

Please find more information on www.safety4data.com and www.it-cns.com 

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