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Diamond Kinetics releases SwingTracker mobile app to App Store

Diamond Kinetics releases SwingTracker mobile app to App Store

Article Published: January 5, 2015

Pittsburgh has another claim to leadership in the sensor-based consumer technology space. SwingTracker, from Pittsburgh-based startup Diamond Kinetics, is now available in the App Store. Pittsburgh software innovation firm Truefit played a pivotal role in helping Diamond Kinetics to design and build this groundbreaking solution that helps baseball players and coaches collect and measure powerful motion analysis data.

The app utilizes the SwingTracker sensor, which attaches to a player’s bat and captures up to 11,000 data points per second. The app provides sophisticated analytical power and easy-to-understand charts for tracking a player’s quantitative swing measurements such as bat barrel velocity, hand speed, and swing power, among others.

Truefit worked with Diamond Kinetics to define the product strategy and core user experience for players, parents, and coaches. Truefit’s team of designers and engineers assisted Diamond Kinetics’s internal product development team in creating the app’s user interface, sensor integration, 3D visualization, video capture, and data visualization features.

“Due to its complex engineering, sensor integration, and visualization tools, the project was perfectly suited for us” says Darrin Grove, Truefit CEO. He continues, “With our integrated research, design, and engineering services, Truefit is the ideal partner to support this type of innovation.”

“Truefit has been an essential partner for us as we’ve moved our product from concept to market-ready” says Diamond Kinetics CEO, CJ Handron.  “They did a great job working with our internal team to get past some challenging technical hurdles. We feel we’re off to a great start with a distinctive solution for the baseball training market that showcases the quality of our sensor and the foundation of our training platform.”

This newest product adds to Truefit’s already extensive experience with sensor-based products.  Truefit has contributed to innovations by wearable body-monitor pioneer BodyMedia (acquired by Jawbone), as well as the Preva Mobile app by Precor, a Seattle-based leader in networked fitness equipment.

“Given our experience working with wearable devices and networked fitness systems, I’m very excited by the emerging sports technology space. SwingTracker is a great example of the value of connected sports equipment and is a great showcase of how Truefit supports innovators in this space,” says John Beck, Truefit’s VP of Design. Beck was an original member of the BodyMedia startup team before founding Gist Design, recently acquired by Truefit. 

The app is available in the Apple App Store, and the SwingTracker sensor is available through the Diamond Kinetics site for $149.99.

About Truefit and Diamond Kinetics

Truefit helps clients build new software products that people love by reducing the inherent risks of innovation through practical research, design, and engineering services. www.truefitinnovation.com

Diamond Kinetics is focused on bringing motion data and analytics to players of all ages and skill levels, and their coaches, in baseball and softball. www.diamondkinetics.com

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