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Free Webinar – Agile and Data Governance: Bridging the Gap

Free Webinar – Agile and Data Governance: Bridging the Gap

Article Published: January 12, 2015

It’s a cyclical business problem. Data is one of our most valuable assets. Information systems are developed to get the most value out of the data. Systems must be created quickly and be responsive to changes in business requirements. The data must be “right” no matter what; demanding governance that requires time and diligence. Challenges abound in breaking this cycle.

Is there a battle raging between your “data people” and your “agile people”? Almost every organization has them. Do data folks fear everything agile because they think the data is being considered an afterthought while your agile folks think that the data folks ask for way too much documentation and structured data process? In many organizations this is a daily struggle. Ne’er the two do meet. That is … until now. Someone is looking into this problem.

Seiner -WebBob Seiner of Pittsburgh-based KIK Consulting & Educational Services – an expert in Non-Invasive Data Governance™, along with DATAVERSITY - the industry leading provider of high quality educational resources for business and information technology professionals, are offering a one-hour webinar on Bridging the Gap Between Agile and Data Governance on Thursday January 15that 2 pm EST.

Registration is free. Registrants will receive links to the slides and a recording of the webinar to attend at a time that works into their schedule. Don’t miss this webinar. It’s about time somebody will focus on bridging this gap. 

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