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Pitt Spins Out Sports-Tech Company

Pitt Spins Out Sports-Tech Company

Article Published: January 27, 2015

Former Pittsburgh Steeler, philanthropist, keynote speaker, and businessman Charlie Batch, along with several partners, has formed a new partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and its Innovation Institute to launch a wellness, fitness, human-performance, and rehabilitation-focused company. The Pittsburgh-based startup, called Impellia, will develop and commercialize Pitt-created technologies and other technologies from around the country.

AsCharlie Batch Charlie Batch part of the new relationship, Impellia has completed option agreements for three Pitt innovations. All three have been shepherded to the verge of commercialization by both the Pitt faculty members who developed the technologies and the University’s Innovation Institute—which is dedicated to promoting and fostering innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship.

“This is an important new partnership for the University,” says Marc Malandro, associate vice chancellor for technology management and commercialization and interim director of the Innovation Institute. “This startup marks just the beginning of what we anticipate will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship between Pitt and Impellia that will help transform Pitt research into innovations that benefit injured athletes and others. We’re excited to be working with such a great and talented group of people.”

Adds Batch: “Sports medicine and rehabilitation technology is a natural draw for me. What we see in these technologies is the ability for us to bring innovation available to elite athletes out to everyday people.”

Read the full press release here.

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