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Pittsburgh Technology Company Grows 250% per Quarter in 2015

Pittsburgh Technology Company Grows 250% per Quarter in 2015

Article Published: July 22, 2015

Gaining momentum by the week, E360 Technologies continues to flourish as it expands its network and range of electronics recommerce solutions. The company, comprised of owner James Deighan and a small, diverse team, initially sought to help individuals, organizations, and businesses recover value from aging electronics while minimizing the environmental footprint of the recycling process, but has grown to provide IT infrastructure services as well, distinguishing themselves with sharp price points and a community-based underdog identity.  e360 works closely with several electronics recyclers in the Pittsburgh area, namely eLoop LLC, who works closely with them to handle the commodity level recycling segment.

What allows a company to grow this quickly in an already saturated marketplace?  Innovation.  Not of the technological flavor, but rather, of culture and leadership.

The community culture is prevalent at E360, as each team member is given the freedom to surmount their responsibilities and excel beyond them according to their strengths as individuals, coming together from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to lend the company a swagger of confidence that comes from the joy of people discovering and exerting their individuality in a team setting. For his part, owner Deighan works alongside his employees as a friend and mentor, binding an eclectic group together with tireless, optimistic leadership, often in a capacity that transcends the workplace into true friendship.

It’s with these traits that E360 Technologies is building a new corporate culture out of the flickering tempers of culture at large, its own tenacity and resolve resonating in every member of the team as they push forward and grow."

To learn more about e360 Technologies, visit www.e360tech.com or email Jeremy.S@e360tech.com

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