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Lily&Strum Launch New Website/UX Experience

Lily&Strum Launch New Website/UX Experience

Article Published: October 2, 2014

Following its closed beta launch this summer, BIG and exciting changes are happening at gifting startup Lily&Strum. 

  • Lily&Strum is now FREE! Its basic version is available to anyone, anytime for FREE. It's taken out the paywall and now it is a simple sign up. 
  • New & Improved user experience - Lily&Strum made the whole process easier to navigate with less steps. You can now save, remove and see more items and there is a TON of new inventory. See for yourself at moments.lilyandstrum.com
  • NEW Website!  Lily&Strum totally revamped the website to be more intuitive and flashy.  Check it out at www.lilyandstrum.com 

Based in East Liberty, Lily&Strum is a web and mobile platform that reminds, recommends and delivers the right gift at the right time. Lily&Strum, bridges the gap between efficient web technology and true emotional connections. Keeping its focus on the gifter and their intentions for each occasion helps the company ensure that its users can relax and create meaningful moments.

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