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Naturi Organic Greek Yogurt Seeks $15K Kickstarter Round

Naturi Organic Greek Yogurt Seeks $15K Kickstarter Round

Article Published: August 13, 2014

Local organic greek yogurt startup, Naturi, is seeking a $15,000 kickstarter round to fund its first batch of production. So far they have raised $9,163 and must make it to the $15K threshold by Sunday, August 17 to be funded.

Here is a little bit more about Naturi from the kickstarter page:

Naturi is not just another food company. Naturi is a collection of passionate food enthusiasts who scour the globe for artisanal and organic ingredients, create and share amazing recipes, and believe that the words delicious and healthy should be used in the same sentence.

Our team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in IT, Engineering, and Biology. So why did we start an organic food company? To put it simply, we share a passion for living and eating healthy. Our team loves Greek yogurt not just for its creamy texture but also for its nutritional density and probiotic value. Although many options exist on shelves today, we found that many companies care about making their products cheaper, not better. What’s in the market today no longer meets consumer standards, nor does it meet the standards of organic and specialty food stores. The more our team thought about it, read about it, and refined our taste buds, the more determined we became to provide an amazing experience for others who share our passion for food. Ultimately, we knew that we could fulfill the need for organic, great-tasting, and adventurous varieties of Greek yogurt.

For more information on Naturi, or to get in on the kickstarter, click here.

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