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Pixelopus releases its first game for PS4

Pixelopus releases its first game for PS4

Article Published: July 10, 2014

Pixelopus, Sony’s newest game studio, has just released its first game titled ‘Entwined’. Originally announced at E3, Entwined is the work of a group of 13 college graduates who were handpicked by Sony to use their development skills and create a more indie-orientated division within the brand.

The team of 13 includes 6 students from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and an assortment of other graduates from across the rest of the country. The game grew from prototype stage to final release on one of the worlds largest gaming platforms under the tutelage of executive producer Alex Lee, creative director Dominic Robilliard and art director Jeff Sangalli.  These 3 industry powerhouses have worked on projects such as the Pixar Film ‘Toy Story’, games like ‘Crazy Taxi 2’ and the 2K sports series, and they helped turn what was initially a school project into a fully-fledged PS4 game release.

The student team from CMU had no idea their game would reach fruition so speedily. Many of the team members are still roommates and Sony only started looking for students to work within the Pixelopus team 2 short years ago. The idea was that the gaming brand would work with Carnegie Mellon’s ETC and find ways to encourage a development team to learn about intuitive and ground breaking production processes.  From here the program grew to become an internship co-op agreement and that rapidly evolved to become what is now known as Pixelopus, the indie arm of Sony. This is a similar approach that other gaming operators like RiverBelle have been taking in developing and innovating new games.

In “Entwined” players must control a fish and bird that have fallen in love, but cannot be together due to their different environments. Players must then guide the two through stages of music and art to bring them closer together in a mystical land that will see them able to co-exist.

Now that “Entwined” has hit the PS4 market Pixelopus will be working on wrapping up versions of the game for PS3 and PS Vita, both of which are scheduled for release in July 2014. Once the development on these gaming platforms has been completed the team will shift their attention to mobile and create an Android and iOS release for smart phone and tablets.

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