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PLSG Chief Investment Officer Releases Book Titled "Innovation, Commercialization and Start-ups in Life Sciences"

PLSG Chief Investment Officer Releases Book Titled "Innovation, Commercialization and Start-ups in Life Sciences"

Article Published: November 6, 2014

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG), Western Pennsylvania’s only pure life sciences investment firm, recently announced that PLSG Vice President and Chief Investment Officer James Jordan will release his book titled “Innovation, Commercialization and Start-Ups in Life Sciences” on November 5, 2014.

“The launch of my book is exciting and has been a project a couple years in the making,” said Jordan. “Innovation is a process of connective steps that brings a product or idea to reality and profit. And what’s critical for start-ups to know is that specific methodologies and investor milestones must be navigated in order to align customer, funder and acquirer needs. This book will help graduate students, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs understand what is needed to create a successful life sciences start-up from initiation to exit.”

With more than three decades of experience helping to foster the growth of more than 400 life sciences start-ups, Jordan has gained a passion for providing strategic counsel to life sciences start-ups with potential. His book covers the due diligence process which helps start-ups understand the need to tell a compelling story to customers, investors, regulators and acquirers. Ultimately, this will help to provide the tools needed to create branding for public investors and more.

“Jim’s book explains to researchers and entrepreneurs how to get their technologies to market while avoiding common pitfalls during the process,” said PLSG President and CEO John W. Manzetti. “The book features many of the PLSG principles and processes in place which help us to succeed in accomplishing our mission, which is to create, nurture and help establish a globally dominant life sciences industry in Western Pennsylvania. We couldn’t be more proud of Jim’s achievements.”

As an accomplished Fortune 20-level executive with category proficiency in industry, consulting and academia, Jordan served as Senior Vice President of a $3 billion division of McKesson Corporation and Vice President of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson prior to joining PLSG in 2005. He has also held a range of leadership positions in sales and marketing, operations, supply chain management, information technology, finance and quality assurance with several Fortune 500 medical device companies. Jordan has also leveraged his experience in several start-up ventures and is active on numerous Boards of Directors.

“With various levels of research and venture source information, this book can serve as a ‘how-to’ guide to bring life sciences start-ups to exit,” said Jordan. “I’m hopeful that those who read this book will better understand how to enter the market, their valuation and their potential to truly solve a customer problem.”

Specifically, the book is broken up into 20 chapters with four main sections that cover:

  • How innovation is a process of connected steps
  • Why investment must be connected to exit
  • How to align the industry norms
  • Why a start-up must tell a compelling story

For more information about the book, visit the publisher website here. And for more information about Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, please visit www.plsg.com or call 412-201-7370.

About Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG)

The PLSG invests in and supports the growth of biosciences companies in Western Pennsylvania. PLSG has a track record of excellence when it comes to attracting and growing life sciences companies in the region. Since its inception in 2001, PLSG has assisted more than 400 life sciences companies and has helped create or retain nearly 2,200 jobs and affect another 14,000 jobs in Western Pennsylvania. Thirty-four companies have been provided with office or laboratory space and 13 have been relocated to Pittsburgh from outside of the region. In addition, the PLSG has invested directly and indirectly more than $20 million in 75 companies, which has leveraged more than $940 million in additional capital to the region.

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