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Imagine Careers Eliminates 20% Placement Fee for Hiring Companies

Imagine Careers Eliminates 20% Placement Fee for Hiring Companies

Article Published: September 30, 2015

Imagine Careers, a Pittsburgh-based talent engagement and career management platform, opened a Pilot Program to connect information technology talent with hiring companies. It matches people to companies based on what they value -- such as company culture, benefit structures, location, and team dynamics -- rather than the industry norm of matching keywords in resumes to job descriptions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 At 11.58.02 AMImagine Careers rolled out its Pilot Program for companies to join as a precursor to its beta technology release. The Pilot Program matches strong talent with exciting companies, replicating Consumer Reports for the labor market. Over the past three years, Imagine Careers worked one-on-one with tech talent, matching them to companies that appealed to them beyond just the job description. They are using this experience to fuel their Pilot Program, by getting to know companies in-depth and finding talent who don't just match the skills the company is looking for, but, more importantly, are a cultural fit. It also includes and builds off of data Imagine Careers is currently collecting through a crowd-sourced Data Collection Project. Both companies and employees are invited to anonymously contribute to this behind-the-scenes Data Collection Project by visiting tinyurl.com/ICcompanysurvey.

“Replacing an experienced employee can cost anywhere from 50% to 200% of their annual salary,” said Mark Heckmann, CEO. “Part of the change Imagine Careers brings to hiring through this Pilot Program is, we ended the costly practice of placement fees and instead apply a subscription-based investment in talent cultivation for these forward-thinking companies. Pilot Program companies also secure their access to Imagine Careers’ upcoming technology platform, pending its release.”

Community Elf was one of the first companies to be welcomed into the Pilot Program. Scott Rogerson, CEO, shared his excitement for what Imagine Careers is doing: "We were not seeing success in traditional job listings as we were either flooded with under-qualified applicants or received few ‘perfect fits.’ The Imagine Careers team...significantly reduced the resources required to manage the hiring pipeline, and shortened time-to-hire.” Rogerson was quick to have his team fill out the Data Collection survey as well, and added, “We are more interested in what the candidate can become than what they are at present. Imagine Careers' philosophy aligned perfectly with this concept - something we were unable to find with other alternatives."

Several studies support this new Pilot Program and Data Collection Project. “In a study published by CareerBuilder in 2014,” noted Eric Harvey, President and CTO, “tech employees stated several factors they value above salary. Of those factors, 60% prioritize a “good work culture” above salary, 40% value telecommute options, and 40% value the ‘ability to offer flexible schedules.’” Imagine Careers leverages this type of intrinsic information by using the data they collect through their survey and by working with companies directly through their Pilot Program.

Cori Clinch, founder and CEO of Rorus, Inc, said, “The Imagine Careers network was able to help connect us with a new team member who fits our culture and exceeds our hiring criteria without the burden of a 15-20% placement fee. It saved us time, and let us focus on our usual work. Our new hire has already added value with his expertise.”

Companies interested in being considered for admission into the Pilot Program can contact Tara at tara@imaginecareers.com.

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