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Software Engineering Institute to host TSP Symposium November 3-6

Software Engineering Institute to host TSP Symposium November 3-6

Article Published: October 10, 2014

Going Beyond Methodology to Maximize Performance

A performance framework for both software and non-software development that has been used for approximately a decade, the Team Software Process (TSP) is a proven method to help teams to plan, evaluate, manage, and control their work.

The TSP Symposium 2014 technical program will go beyond the core methodology of TSP to encompass a broader range of complementary practices that contribute to peak performance on system and software projects. The unifying theme of the conference is quality. Ultimately, a quality product and service must be delivered on time and within budget, be secure, be sustainable, and provide value to end users.

Teams using TSP have achieved unprecedented quality and productivity improvements. However, we as a community have also learned that many benefits accrue from incorporating other aspects of engineering, leadership, and culture change into the disciplined practices of TSP.

The dates for the 2014 TSP Symposium--November 3-6, 2014, in Pittsburgh, Pa.--are fast approaching. Check out the exciting tutorials assembled for this year as part of the technical program:

In Software Lifecycle Recipes: Making a Process Do What You Want It to Do--Building a Great Product, Meeting Customer Needs, Managing Time, Money, Risk, and Quality (Full-Day), Neil Potter of The Process Group will show you how to evolve implementations of Scrum to meet the needs of your customers, team, and organization.  
David Tuma of Tuma Solutions (Empowering Teams with Great Data: Using the Process Dashboard, Full-Day) will demonstrate how to use an advanced tool to power plans that are connected from personal to team to overall organizational levels.Participants will understand the "behind the curtain" architecture and power of the tool.Participants will understand how to get started quickly and build toward mastery of empowering teams with great data.
In The NAVAIR TPI Story: From Software Process Improvement to Process Improvement for All (Half-Day), Jeff Schwalb and his NAVAIR colleagues will demonstrate NAVAIR's top-level approach to the relationship among product processes, the data collected and used during development, and how the data is used to analyze the quality of the product. It will also include a discussion of the process for future improvement.
SEI technical staff members Ipek Ozkaya, Rod Nord, and Neil Ernst will present Strategic Management of Technical Debt (Half-Day) and explore key concepts of technical debtand a technique for communicating the tradeoffs of technical debt to colleagues and managers. The tutorial will include practical tools and techniques that can address part of the problem today and provide a foundation for managing tradeoffs based on models of economic impacts.
In Eliciting Unstated Requirements (Full-Day), Mike Konrad, Mary Beth Chrissis, and Bob Stoddard of the SEI will discuss the KJ+ method, which can be scalable to address the needs of multiple categories of stakeholders; be usable by a diverse, non-collocated team of requirements analysts; and result in a more complete set of requirements for subsequent system design, implementation, and sustainment
In Business Model Canvas and Product Canvas (Half-Day), Noopur Davis, vice president of global quality at McAfee, will lead tutorial attendees in creating a Vision Statement to a Business Model Canvas, a Product Canvas, and a Minimal Viable Product backlog. The Product Canvas is the nexus between strategy captured in the Business Model Canvas and the concrete Epics and Stories needed by teams.
When you register for two or more tutorials, you will receive a 10% discount on all tutorials. Don't miss this opportunity to add even more value to your TSP Symposium attendance. If you are already registered for the TSP Symposium and wish to add one or more tutorials, you can update your registration at https://regmaster4.com/2014conf/TSP14/register.php or register for tutorials on site. 


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