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Sycor Event Details Software Asset Management

Sycor Event Details Software Asset Management

Article Published: July 30, 2014

How much money are you wasting in unused software licenses?

Optimize the administration of your software licenses and save money. Over licensing causes unnecessary costs!

There are many reasons that speak positively for the implementation of an ongoing Software Asset Management process:

  • legal certainty (compliance)
  • manageable costs
  • safeguarding existing investments

Software Asset Management can also help you save time, simplify workflows, reduce costs and strengthen your competitive position.
With Software Asset Management (SAM) by Sycor you know exactly what licenses are at your disposal.

You can see if the installed software is actually being used. Unused software can be uninstalled and assigned to a different user. You need fewer licenses and therefore reduce your costs. SAM helps you optimize your IT resources and makes your IT landscape more transparent and easier to manage, now and in the future.

Sycor offers you a free Software Asset Management workshop on Sept. 17 to review the potential of your investments savings!

Save money and count on legal certainty. Our experienced experts show you what business advantages SAM can offer you.

SIGN UP NOW at www.sycoramericas.com/sam-workshop

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