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Truefit Unveils New Brand

Truefit Unveils New Brand

Article Published: August 11, 2014

It is a very new day at Truefit, a Pittsburgh-based software technology innovation firm. The company has reinvented itself based on feedback from the most innovative people they know – their clients. To build the best practice for servicing their clients that they could imagine, they have acquired an award-winning design and research company, hired extraordinary new talent, and sharpened their services.

According to CEO Darrin Grove, “We put ourselves through the same rigorous process that we lead our clients through – to dream, prove, and build a product which creates the best user experience and value. This time, the user was our clients and the product was us.” The result is a new company with world-class cross-functional teams.

In recent years, Truefit has grown from a strong regional talent into a global innovation team for some of the world’s leading enterprises like Precor, McDonald’s, and Samsung. By listening to their clients, and by learning throughout each experience, Truefit has capitalized on the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative designers, engineers, researchers, and business leaders in industry today. They have also gained the confidence to take the next big step as a company.

In 2013, Truefit purchased Gist Design, an award winning design and research firm in Pittsburgh. Gist had a stellar reputation as a smart, creative, and agile force, with roots in Carnegie Mellon’s world-renowned School of Design. This group has become the perfect complement to Truefit’s existing team of brilliant software engineers and business strategists.

“With the integration of human-centered design into our proprietary Idea Launch© process and our iterative Agile approach, we now offer our clients deep expertise in all of the critical services needed to minimize the risks inherent in new product development while accelerating their entrance to the marketplace,” said John Beck, Truefit’s Vice President of User Experience.

For presentation of the new company to its broader marketplace, Truefit has also seized this opportunity to rebrand.

Truefit will continue to remain true to its roots in the start-up community and to the regional technology ecosystem while serving its newly-expanded client base of global leaders in innovation.

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