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What’s Up with Jay Green?

What’s Up with Jay Green?

Article Published: May 15, 2015

Screen Shot 2015 06 18 At 80314 AMMeet the Big Mind Behind Big Science Music

FLIP on the TV or tune in the radio and you’ve probably heard the work of Jay Green and his company Big Science Music.

With clients like Sheetz, United Way and xBox, Big Science has been composing attention-getting music tracks since 1996. Big Science Music won the Cannes Grand Prix, One Show Gold Pencils and has been both Ad Critic and Creativity Magazine’s top music and music of the year picks. 

Writing with strategy, hook, emotion and undeniable songsmithing, Big Science Music understands its clients’ creative, vision, and audience. 

Located in Downtown Pittsburgh, Big Science Music provides full-service audio post, sound design and audio production for all media—whether a project is large or small. TEQ asked founder and mastermind Jay Green a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.

WHO is Jay Green?

I’m an artist, composer, musician and animal lover. I was born in Braddock and quit high school in the 9th grade. Somewhere along the way I discovered the synergy between music and psychology and founded Big Science Music.

WHAT makes running Big Science Music so much fun?

I get to make music and sounds for a living! I have an awesome team and we get to have a lot of fun. It’s truly like family. 

WHERE do you see the business evolving?

The way people use, consume and access music has changed so much. We continue to adapt, but how we create sound and music is very much in demand. 

WHEN did you feel like Big Science was successful?

We came out of the gate feeling pretty successful. But it was around the 10-year mark that we felt everything really gelled with what we were doing.

WHY do companies like Sheetz and Victory Motorcycles choose to work with Big Science Music?

It’s not just about the music and sound here. We understand what clients need to accomplish. We make sure that the strategy doesn’t get lost in the cool. 

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