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WOW Someone: Pittsburgh Startup Perks Up Hiring Process with Video

WOW Someone: Pittsburgh Startup Perks Up Hiring Process with Video

Article Published: May 15, 2015

WOW Someone

Pittsburgh Startup Perks Up Hiring Process with Video

The old resume and cover letter have not changed a whole lot over the years. But with the proliferation of smartphones and video, that is starting to change in a big way, with Pittsburgh startup WOWHire! taking the lead.

WOWHire! is designed to be used by both employers and job seekers, especially those just entering the workplace.

The WOWHire! app allows job seekers to record a 60-second video cover letter of themselves to show off their personality and skillsets. With WOWHire!, employers can now browse these job seeker videos to get a true-to-life feel of the candidate’s personality and potential fit with the company.

“The resume has been stagnant for years,” said Samuel Boyer, WOWHire! Founder and CEO. “Now it has come to life.”

With the app, job seekers can continually tweak and update their video and get it in front of potential employers. WOWHire! is partnering with Robert Morris University, Clarion, Point Park, IUP and PTI to reach graduating students.

Major employers in financial institutions, hospitality, retail, and professional services are deploying WOWHire! to aid in their hiring efforts, according to Boyer. Besides getting a video introduction of a job candidate, the app allows employers to quickly filter and save candidates to their profile for further follow up.

Boyer says WOWHire! is geared toward the latest generation of job seekers that grew up with video and social media.  

“Nothing delineates you from the crowd as a student,” Boyer said. “WOWHire! can help you stand out.”

With more than 20+ years of his career spent working as a human resources and organizational development professional—eight of those years in academia—Boyer was inspired to launch a startup while visiting Silicon Valley.

“I was getting connected with people at companies like Google, Apple, and Zynga,” Boyer said. “You see every company that’s on your iPhone while driving up and down 101, there’s such a creative heartbeat out there. I kept thinking, how am I going to change the world?”

Boyer knew the pain points of interviewing potential candidates only to find out that they did not live up to their resume and cover letter—a real waste of time for both parties involved. He thought a quick, easy-to-use app for both employers and job seekers could make a difference.

With WOWHire! now in an ever-growing number of employer and job seeker hands, the company recently received a $5 million valuation, said Boyer. He noted  that WOWHire!’s potential to reach millions of students around the world is driving that number.

In the meantime, Boyer said 2015 is the year for WOWHire! to get on more students’ smartphones and become part of employers’ hiring toolsets.

“I really want to see where this goes,” said Boyer. “I want to see it progress over the next year.”

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