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Article Published: September 23, 2015

When Method Automation Services (MAS) opened its doors to the city of Arnold, Paul Konieczny, owner and CEO at MAS, was hopeful. After seeing a 36-day renovation of an abandoned bank building in one of the poorest areas of Westmoreland County to successful completion, he threw open the doors and welcomed the community inside. His goal, which grew from his desire to partner with businesses and help them keep pace with change, morphed into a vision to breathe life back into the small town.

“We saw this as an opportunity to drive local business and potentially spur other tech companies to look at the small town as an alternative to Allegheny County,” He said.

Beyond helping clients streamline outdated business processes and increase overall productivity with the help of software and technology solutions, MAS wants to impact the community where it established roots. The city of Arnold, located in Westmoreland County and 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh off of Route 28, contains seven consecutive blocks among the most impoverished in the state of Pennsylvania. Once the streets were bustling and lined with retail shops, theaters, restaurants, banks and businesses. Though many of the buildings have long been shuttered, when Konieczny looks out to the street he envisions a new future for the area. He makes a conscious decision to support the people and businesses setting up shop in the city that has become home to his dream.

MAS chose a 100-year-old abandoned bank building complete with vault, and with the help of local service providers, transformed the old space into a modern workplace. At first glance, the task seemed daunting, but it has since proven to be a model for the type of effort, timing, and execution MAS puts into every job that it does. The coordination and development of workflow processes for the likes of Fortune 100 companies around the world, primed the company for success.

Always forward-thinking, MAS created an energy-efficient building, but also envisioned a space made for easy collaboration and workplace efficiency. The structure integrates the latest technology in motion sensor lighting, LEDs, whiteboards, and HD screens, along with collaborative huddle rooms, meeting spaces, an open-concept work area, sitting areas that make collaborating with co-workers comfortable and easy, as well as rooms to blow off steam and get creative.

The task of reclaiming the abandoned structure and transforming it into an inviting and exciting place to collaborate brings new goals into focus for MAS. Konieczny and his team challenge community leaders to think outside the box, as they are doing. Being an agent for change for the businesses that MAS partners with has always been the goal. The desire to help partners become more efficient, work faster and smarter, and seamlessly collaborate has blossomed into a new and vital role for them within the community.

Method Automation Services is committed to the town where they have sunk their roots and they have high hopes that planting the seeds for a tech hub in a small city will revive its former glory. Method Automation has uncovered the benefits of setting up shop just outside of Pittsburgh, and Konieczny is excited to share his vision with other businesses.

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