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Ready Action Makes Shooting Video a Snap!

Ready Action Makes Shooting Video a Snap!

Article Published: August 31, 2014

By Jonathan Kersting, Director of Visibility Initiatives

We are a video-driven world. It’s fun and easy to capture practically any moment of your life with a smartphone in tow. It just got a little easier with Ready Action: an ingenious device that securely holds any camera or smartphone and attaches it to practically anything.

I clamped my iPhone in the rugged plastic device and attached it to my mountain bike’s handlebar. I hit the record button and captured how lame I am at shredding trails throughout Frick Park. Ready Action allows users to securely attach their phones or tablets to practically anywhere. Think ski poles, helmets, bikes, windshields, your chest and more. 

I also tried the windshield mount to record my vintage Porsche snarling through Schenley Park. The mount worked flawlessly. I could then continue using Ready Action to hold my phone above the dashboard to use Map Quest. A 1976 911 didn’t come with navigation ;-)

I prefer Ready Action to my GoPro because I’m more comfortable using my iPhone’s camera. It can be difficult to tell if your GoPro is actually recording or not. Especially in rough outdoor conditions.

For example, a good friend thought that he recorded an epic backcountry ride in Utah with his GoPro. He actually captured the un-adrenalized ride on the ski lift, and didn’t realize the foible until he was back home downloading his videos. D’oh!

Ready Action is a simple device that was designed, engineered and manufactured in the Pittsburgh region. Double score for that! Learn more at http://ready-action.myshopify.com/. While you’re there, check out the Office version. It can add a lot of utility to your tablet.

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