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Running Ahead...

Running Ahead...

Article Published: August 31, 2014

AudreyBy Audrey Russo, President & CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council

Over the past year, the Pittsburgh Technology Council staff has been heads down, working on projects which require us to think about the tech growth inside the region AND  the proliferation of tech growth outside of the region.

We know that all of the answers to accelerating our technology sectors do not lie inside the walls of the region, so we are outbound focused. We are forever connecting with those cities, organizations and companies who are revered in this newer economy. Insularity does not serve us well.

We try to connect the dots when the dots have never been connected before. And, we try to understand why other cities have successes and failures as they try to coalesce public and private partnerships with the sole intention of growth, prosperity and innovation for all of the world to benefit.

For the Pittsburgh Technology Council, September 1 always marks a new year. It’s the onset of our new fiscal year and a time to launch new projects. We kick it off by holding a breakfast gathering to talk about what we have achieved the prior year and what lies ahead. But mostly, we appreciate the time that we have with each other because September marks the beginning of our most hectic months. Overarching all our programs, magazines and communications, we work on Tech 50 for October—the region’s largest awards to celebrate the 50 fastest-growing and most innovative tech companies.

We have so much in store for the coming year!

This year we launched a new non-profit, TechCelerate. This 501(c)(3) will focus on learning, culture/people, art, tech/design, as well as additional collisions. It will also support our focus on entrepreneurship and
K through 24 education.

We are excited to expand what we have learned over the years and apply this to help the community at large. As you all know, if we can hone in on these areas, the pipeline for business becomes unlimited.

By strengthening our relationships on the East and West coasts, we have seen an explosive engagement with investors and companies. While outside capital remains our primary investors for life sciences and tech companies, Pittsburgh remains a fly over zone for investors at large. That won’t stop us. We are going to turbo-charge our focus on entrepreneurs on many fronts with capital and exposure as our targets.

Leveraging our relationships in Silicon Valley and New York City, we are going to host a trip to take deep dives with the human resource leadership. We plan on visiting companies who have, what is believed, some of the most interesting hiring and retention tools. The talent attraction/retention issues lie across most industries, particularly in advanced technologies and software engineering. Executives are experimenting with many tactics. The PTC is planning our first trip for the fall to explore these companies and their attraction/retention strategies.

TechVibe Radio moved to KDKA 1020 AM reaching an even larger audience. Having a wider terrestrial signal and continued live streaming through radio.com will get the stories told about business, innovation and people to instill pride and notoriety for the region and beyond. Did you know that KDKA was the first commerically licensed radio station? Its signal reaches a multi-state region and will be critical for us to communicate Pittsburgh’s success stories.

One of our most visible efforts this past year was the refresh of our website (www.pghtech.org) with new functionality, all the while sharpening our strategies to ensure alignment to facilitate tech growth. In the coming months, we will launch more functionalities to our site, making it easier for members to interact and connect with the PTC and each other.

As you can see, we don’t rest at the PTC because your growth is our success! It’s what drives us everyday!

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