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Safe & Secure: PEPRO leads the way in deployable communication sites

Safe & Secure: PEPRO leads the way in deployable communication sites

Article Published: February 13, 2015

By Matthew Pross, Editor

For more than two decades, Oil City-based Pioneer Energy Products LLC (dba PEPRO) has been creating 100-percent-reliable enclosure equipment to protect sensitive digital communications equipment in harsh and remote environments. Based on Faraday cage technology, PEPRO’s patented enclosures will dissipate up to 87,000 amps and more than 1 million volts of electricity, all while protecting the equipment housed inside the enclosure.

Powered by solar panels and/or custom-designed wind turbines, the electronic equipment inside of PEPRO’s enclosures can last months without maintenance or an outside power source, making the setup ideal for providing a communications hub in isolated areas where modern devices are typically ineffective. Because of these features, the telecommunications and oil & gas industries have come to rely on PEPRO’s enclosure systems to enable high-speed, uninterrupted digital communications for their teams in the field, who often work in remote areas without access to traditional communications infrastructure.

In addition to its customers in industry, PEPRO provides its enclosure solutions to multiple federal agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service and The Bureau of Land Management, which have a growing need for reliable communications infrastructure throughout the vast land footprint they manage amidst increased border security and immigration concerns.

“PEPRO has deployed 25 sites for the Forest Service in Alaska, where there is extremely high wind load and ice build-up,” Kelly Lander, President of PEPRO, explained. “Our enclosures enable park rangers to communicate effectively over great distances.

“There are approximately 2,500 sites across all national forests in the U.S., and the government is gradually updating these as budget allows,” she continued. “PEPRO is well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity as we have a robust product line and more than two decades of experience in deploying enclosure solutions in remote environments.”

“Reliable, secure communication infrastructure is becoming increasingly important as the federal government continues to prioritize international border security and response
capabilities of our first responders,” Victor Garmong, Founder and CEO of PEPRO, added.

In 2012, as part of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, Congress mandated the creation, operation and maintenance of the first nationwide high-speed broadband network dedicated to first responders. This legislation created the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), which is responsible for implementing and managing the first responder communication network. According to FirstNet’s website, the legislation “specified that the network shall be based on the minimum technical requirements on the commercial standards of Long Term Evolution (LTE) service.”

To address these specifications, PEPRO released its Shielded Outdoor Networking Cabinet in March 2014, which includes the same shielding technology as its other products and allows communication via LTE service. All PEPRO cabinets use a patented Faraday Cage design to ensure that Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Passive Intermodulation (PIM), lightning strikes, and transient voltage do not interrupt communications.

“The sites based on the FirstNet program are just starting to be put in place,” Lander explained. “The amount of units needed is expansive, so we are gearing up for this market by leveraging automated engineering methods such as CNC to accelerate our production process and control costs.

“In addition, our engineering department is currently developing a new trailer that supports a very tall mast, which can be deployed in tight urban areas and parking garages to enable emergency communications in critical situations,” she continued. “We expect public safety to be a huge market for us moving forward.”

Not only is PEPRO innovating its cabinets and enclosure systems, the manufacturer has been developing a custom wind turbine to provide the necessary power to the LTE processing equipment housed inside its enclosures.

“The power requirements inherent to LTE service—voice, data, video, microwave—are much greater than those of land mobile radio-based communications, which first responders have primarily used up until this point,” Garmong explained. “Solar panels alone cannot provide adequate power for these systems to operate off-grid. Our custom-designed wind turbine augments the solar power to ensure proper power supply and total reliability of these critical communications systems.”

For information on PEPRO and its products, visit www.peprollc.com

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