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Tech Sav(v)ior: Savvior has been quietly solving the toughest tech challenges for nearly two decades

Tech Sav(v)ior: Savvior has been quietly solving the toughest tech challenges for nearly two decades

Article Published: February 13, 2015

By Michelle Szemanski, The Hardware Store

Savvior has been quietly solving the toughest tech challenges for nearly two decades. If your business has a problem, Savvior can usually solve it through custom software.

These days, all companies are tech companies. Between content curation, social media, customer engagement and user experience, leveraging Big Data marketers may feel like they’re trying to hit a moving target. Chief Information officers are increasingly tasked with understanding the marketing side and optimizing internal tech to meet the same standards.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 At 9.27.49 AMWherever issues crop up, tech that was meant to make life easier sometimes slows everything down. Users who can’t access the mobile version of a website simply shop elsewhere. Employees who have difficulty using enterprise software systems to solve real business problems revert to using spreadsheets. In many companies, antiquated enterprise software systems seem cumbersome, and many settle for what they have and live with the frustrations.

Savvior is the alternative, offering solutions from custom web and mobile apps to big data integration for industry leaders, including Rolls-Royce, Direct Energy, Vector Security, Schneider Downs. The team works with startup clients including Avere Systems and nonprofits like Goodwill of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Parks, and the Institute for Supply Management. Think of “SEAL Team 6” for business problems. 

Major multinational companies turn to Savvior to optimize their existing technology environment, and do more with back-office data. The company excels at providing custom solutions, like intranets and extranets, and creating systems like the Online Bill Payment system they created for Vector Security. The Savvior method covers strategy and deployment, to ensure solutions that work in reality as smoothly as they sound on paper.

“Savvior is a solution looking for a problem,” said Christopher Evans, Vice President. “We’ve been in our clients’ shoes, we are the CMOs and CIOs. We know what it means to hit a wall and need a tactical solution.”

Located in Pittsburgh’s North Side in a renovated pocket of the Penn Brewery, the Savvior office echoes the region’s mix of old and new. It’s a bright, clean space, with pods of monitors set against a backdrop of century-old brick. Programmers work just yards from where the old loading dock received barrels of beer. The holiday season decor matches the mission with a digital fireplace crackling on the screen of the conference room television.

This small 20-person shop reflects Pittsburgh’s core values: hardworking and down-to-earth. Savvior works hard to measure a client’s realistic needs and existing resources. That informs a comprehensive strategy mapped in SavviTrack™ , Savvior’s systematic approach to research, design and development of technology solutions.  Every step of the way, Savvior aligns with a company’s sales and marketing goals and works side-by-side with their technology team members to build products that help accelerate the business.

Savvior also recognizes how they fit into the big picture of a company’s goals. Keith Giuliani, Chief Executive Officer, describes the team as “tactical and incisive, like a SWAT team.” When tech companies try to force clients into a box or sell services that don’t address the root issues, it’s frustrating for everyone involved. Savvior’s approach cuts straight to the problem to deliver a solution that doesn’t disrupt day-to-day operations.

As Pittsburgh witnesses a surge in entrepreneurial spirit and business development, Savvior makes sure that its clients don’t feel the growing pains—making technology accessible to clients who haven’t mastered the media, and making it better for those who have.

Taking a no-nonsense approach to building Savvior over nearly two decades, all while having a great time, Giuliani and his team have amassed a treasure trove of technology solutions and proprietary products that are there to solve practically any problem.

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