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Surf Safely

Surf Safely

Article Published: February 10, 2016

Redmorph 385The internet can be a dangerous, sometimes creepy place.

You are being tracked more than you’ve ever imagined. Not only is the internet watching your every move, it also never forgets.

A simple search for a new dinner recipe can lead to countless trackers from all corners of the web recording every click and keystroke along with selling personal data to dubious sources.

Wanting to make the internet a safer place for his daughters to learn and explore, Abhay Edlabadkar launched RedMorph, a company focused on putting control in the user’s hand, to safely & privately surf the web with a simple-to-use, yet highly sophisticated browser extension.

“RedMorph’s objective is to help give everyone a safe and secure world online,” said Edlabadkar, “RedMorph is focused on developing products, support systems and services for internet privacy, protection and control for all individuals, including children.”

Its Browser Controller allows safe and private internet access, faster-loading web pages, blocks tracking ads, prevents downloads of unnecessary or malicious content and allows for anonymous searches.

On its quest to bring a safer surfing experience to everyone, RedMorph offers the SpyderWeb technology along with Block Trackers & Content and the Website & Word Filters for free.

For a small monthly upgrade, users can also become invisible with an encrypted proxy or VPN. Users can surf the web and leave no trace. Edlabadkar said RedMorph does not log or collect any data from its users.

With the Browser Controller installed, users can deploy RedMorph’s ultra cool SpyderWeb Technology to instantly see how many trackers and cookies are being blocked.

“Our advanced SpyderWeb technology allows you to see, identify and control who is tracking you from website to website,” said Edlabadkar. “The SpyderWeb is interactive: you can zoom in and out, drag elements around to examine connections, click on an element to see details, and allow or block specific third-party sites or trackers.”

Getting started is as simple as going to RedMorph.com. It takes just a few seconds to install, and the process guides users through the extension installation procedure smoothly. The RedMorph Browser Controller currently works on the Chrome browser with the Safari version expected to be released soon along with VPN apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Look for future versions of the Browser Controller to also work on smartphones and tablets too, on https://RedMorph.com. They also have a ton of educational material on internet privacy and how best to protect yourself from all the tracking.

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