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Beer Here! Copper Kettle Brewing makes it easy to brew beer and teamwork

Beer Here! Copper Kettle Brewing makes it easy to brew beer and teamwork

Article Published: July 21, 2014

By Jonathan Kersting, Associate Publisher

Brewing your own beer can be a downright magical experience. Start with boiling water, add lots of grain, dashes of hops and a little patience. In a few weeks you’ve got the drink of the ages at your lips. Malty and sweet with a nose of hops ready for you and your friends’ enjoyment.

Copper Kettle Brewing in Greenfield has capitalized on the growing home brew trend by making it easier than ever to brew your own beer. Just follow one of their dozens of recipes and don’t worry about the laborious clean up, woeful boil-overs and sometimes dubious results. Copper Kettle guides you through every step from boiling to bottling to ensure a quality brew.

Brewing beer is a great team-building exercise. Copper Kettle allows groups to brew their favorite styles, ranging from light ales to heavy-duty porters with plenty of exotics in between. Brewing a batch of beer with co-workers is a great way to spend a few hours and accomplish something like none other – creating your own beer! From grinding grains to pouring malt extract to adding hops at just the right times, it takes a team to pull off a successful brew. In fact, Copper Kettle won the Best of the ‘Burgh “Best Way to Make Your Corporate Team-Building Day Bearable” award.

Copper Kettle TEQ BrewOn that advice this past winter, the TEQ staff decided to brew a mega-malty oatmeal stout. Ya know, something to fight off the chill and put meat on your bones.  We dubbed it “Type-O!” Stout. It was an awesome way to work as a team. Between hop additions and pouring in the thick doses of syrupy malt extract, brewers can belly up to the bar at adjoining Hough’s to partake of the seemingly countless taps. A great way to catch up and discuss strategy–for the impending brew and work alike. There’s nothing like bonding over beer.

Check out Copper Kettle Brewing at www.copperkettlepgh.com. It’s the only brew-on-premise site in Pennsylvania. They make the brewing process fun and educational.

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