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Pittsburgh CIO of the Year: Celebrating People and Ideas that Move Companies Forward

Pittsburgh CIO of the Year: Celebrating People and Ideas that Move Companies Forward

Article Published: March 5, 2015

It takes awesome leaders to keep the Pittsburgh region’s technology sector on the cutting edge.

Every year, the Pittsburgh Technology Council—along with the Greater Pittsburgh CIO Group—honors top technology executives who work in industry, non-profit, academia and government, and who use their innovation and creativity to improve our region.

Nominees, including chief information officers or those in equivalent positions, are recognized for their innovation and creativity in planning and deploying their enterprise systems, future technology goals, management philosophy and service to industry and the community.

This year’s categories covered CIOs at companies of all sizes. Categories included: Growth: Under 50 Employees, Main Street: 50-450 Employees, Enterprise: 450-4,500 Employees, Global: More Than 4,500 Employees, Education, and CIO Choice.

Profiles of winners and a listing of the finalists across the categories follow.

Growth: Under 50 Employees

Winner: Christian Carmody, ClinicalConnect Health Information Exchange (HIE)

When the region’s leading healthcare providers form a network to share information, millions of patients benefit. When clinicians have access to a patient’s medical history, healthcare is improved. ClinicalConnect Health Information Exchange (HIE) is Pennsylvania’s first and largest Health Information Exchange comprised of more than 19,000 users and more than 7.3 million unique patient records in its repository. It is a sustainable network, securely exchanging health information to care providers where they need it, when they need it, and how they need it, currently throughout western Pennsylvania, while actively working to connect at the national level—to the eHealth Exchange.

As the President and most senior IT professional employed by ClinicalConnect HIE, Christian Carmody, MBA, MS, CISA, is responsible for strategic IT planning and ultimate IT oversight, as well as overall management and administration of the Exchange. Additionally, Carmody serves as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure Services at UPMC, leading the information technology infrastructure teams, including data centers, data, voice and video networks, information security, service desk, device support, etc. which include 550 IT professionals and an annual budget (capital and operating) of more than $100 million.

In his leading role with ClinicalConnect HIE, Carmody must step out of the traditional IT environment in order to work collaboratively with IT, executive, operational and clinical leaders in western PA to form an organization whose mission is to enhance and improve patient care across the region through the use of emerging technologies. The ClinicalConnect HIE is built with DbMotion technology, which enables the Exchange to leverage capabilities of all of its members, offering semantic interoperability and a centralized repository of aggregated normalized data—the core business feature of ClinicalConnect HIE.


Anju Chopra, Tiversa Holding Corp.

Jonathan Colby, OpenArc, LLC

Patrick Patterson, Level Interactive


Main Street: 50 – 450 Employees

Winner: Jeffrey Natale, MARC USA

MARC USA is a national, full-service integrated marketing communications firm known for uncovering radical insights that incite powerful reactions through a deeper understanding of whole-brain behavior.

With offices in Boston, Chicago, Miami and Pittsburgh, more than 250 employees and more than $370 million in annual billings, it is one of the largest independent agencies in the country and the largest full-service agency in Pittsburgh. Jeffrey Natale is responsible for total IT function across all of MARC USA’s offices, setting the strategic technology vision for the company and overseeing its implementation. In addition, Natale is also the operations leader for MARC USA with responsibility for all administrative services, including overseeing all pricing, costing and contracting for agency services and vendor contracts.

In MARC USA’s business of advertising and marketing communications, having up-to-date technology is truly table stakes. It is foundational to everyday operations. With offices in four cities in three time zones as well as a number of employees working remotely from additional locations—all serving clients across the country—the ability to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and share vast quantities of information in a dizzying array of formats 24/7 is absolutely essential. 

Furthermore, having innovative technology to present ideas to clients—from touch screens to table-top screens and a wide array of mobile devices—is a key part of winning new business and selling ideas to existing clients. Natale and his team have delivered this essential functionality through a suite of regularly updated technology solutions that gives MARC USA the ability to deliver an outstanding client experience with ease.


Kelley Christy, Diamond Wire Spring Company

Russell Hemwall, Aquion Energy

Pierre Moreau, McKamish, Inc.

Erik Watts, Pittsburgh Penguins


Enterprise: 450 – 4,500 Employees

Winner: Scott Angelo, K&L Gates LLP

As K&L Gates’ CIO, Scott Angelo is responsible for the design and execution of the Information Technology (IT) Department’s mission, vision and strategy, in alignment with the firm’s mission, vision and strategy.

While K&L Gates’ end-user group of 4,200 is smaller than many Fortune 100 companies, the firm operates an enterprise-class infrastructure that would be on par, if not superior to, many 40,000–100,000-user service organizations.

K&L Gates is highly distributed and highly virtualized through its data centers, and has advanced and complex systems; the firm is unique in that it is current from a technology perspective, including its hardware, operating systems and network technologies.

Since joining the firm, Angelo and his team have consolidated and virtualized K&L Gates’ infrastructure to make the firm’s footprint smaller. Today, K&L Gates is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than ever before, and has significantly cut its IT operating costs as a result.

K&L Gates’ IT Department is proud of the relationships it has built with its service providers, developed both through their years working with the firm and through relationships the law firm’s IT professionals brought with them.

The cornerstone of the K&L Gates IT shop is creating an environment of opportunity and innovation that allows the IT staff to challenge their skills and abilities on a daily basis. Angelo is proud to offer unmatched experiences to his staff with the support of his world-class leadership team.


Tushar Lovalekar, Koppers Inc.

David Thompson, Software Engineering Institute

Mark Krupinski, WesBanco Bank, Inc.


Global: More than 4,500 Employees

Winner: Michael Smith, Mylan

Michael Smith serves as Mylan’s Global Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Technology and Global Business Services (GBS). Smith also is co-chair of Mylan’s Digital executive committee and serves on Mylan’s Strategy, Business Transformation, Performance, Operating, Talent and Conformance executive committees.

Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in health care, and Smith is responsible for leveraging the power of process and technology to help Mylan fulfill this mission, providing 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine.

In addition to leading Mylan’s IT organization, Smith is also responsible for Mylan’s GBS function, which seeks to centralize the management of global or regional transactional activities to drive more efficiency, consistency and scalability across the organization. GBS supports Mylan’s finance, human relations, procurement, IT and commercial operations, all of which serve our company’s business lines worldwide.

Mylan’s IT infrastructure includes numerous systems that enhance connectivity and collaboration among employees, maximize operational performance, drive global alignment and improve operational efficiency across the organization.

When Smith first joined Mylan in 2012, the vast majority of the company’s systems were on-premise. Due to the highly regulated nature of the pharma industry, keeping data safe and secure is always a top priority, and there initially was some hesitancy in moving toward cloud-based solutions. However, at Smith’s lead, Mylan made a strategic shift toward more cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to meet the demands of its growing business.


Dave McLain, Big Heart Pet Brands (formerly Del Monte Corporation)

Francois Estellon, Gardner Denver Inc.

Steven Hanna, Kennametal Inc.



Winner: Jeffrey Devlin, Carlow University

Jeffrey Devlin became CIO of Carlow University in 2013 as a member of the President’s Cabinet along with the university vice presidents. The CIO position was elevated to ensure integral involvement and alignment of technology with the university’s business needs.

Devlin’s initial responsibility was to evaluate an outsourced IT structure that had been in place for 3.5 years. This structure was not providing satisfactory service that met the needs of the campus community or aligned with the business needs to grow the University.

Through Devlin’s evaluation of service levels, risks of the contract arrangement, and ultimately options (and risk assessment) for change, the University opted to not renew the outsourced contract.

With the contract ending in June, 2014, Jeffrey embarked on creating an all-new IT Division built on a hybrid-insourced model. The hybrid model focuses on efficiencies within the organization by hiring key individuals, outsourcing specific areas that are not core competencies, and leveraging collaborative/consortial arrangements to enhance productivity.

This process of moving to the internally managed hybrid model, was coined “Reboot 2014.” Safeguards were put in place to mitigate risk as the prior team (which held all of the keys to the technology kingdom) left campus and the new team assumed responsibility with little time to acclimate prior to the start of the new academic year.

The focus for the first six months was to ensure service stability, and the team was extremely successful in that regard.


Ronald Reyer, Bethel Park School District

Edward McKaveney, Hampton Township School District


CIO Choice

Winner: George Rosato, CONSOL Energy

As a Pittsburgh CIO of the Year Awards finalist in 2012, CONSOL Energy’s George F. Rosato has returned in 2015 as the CIO Choice Award Winner. Hired right out of college in 1987, this Vice President of Information Systems and Technology has held roles in CONSOL’s Accounting, Process Support in Human Resources, and ultimately Information Systems and Technology Management.

“It’s no surprise that George was selected by his peers,” said Steve Smith, President of Plus Consulting. “George is a leader among leaders and a highly involved role model for CIOs in the region.”

In 2003, CONSOL selected Rosato to be the General Manager of IS&T. Three years later he was promoted to Vice President of Information Systems and Technology where his impact on the organization continues to grow. 

Now, Rosato is focused on continuing to add value to the organization through process integration, increased efficiencies and overall company continuous improvement.

“Some of the big areas that we’re looking at now include mobility, cybersecurity and big data analytics,” said Rosato.

He explained how mobile technology has leapt to the top of the list as a big percentage of CONSOL workers are in the field. Giving them access to applications, documents and files via iPads and Surface Pros has become a necessity. And with thousands of well sites, CONSOL is now trying to make a deeper sense of its operations and ever growing datasets.

“We want to be sure to optimize all facets of the business,” he said. Leading a team of nearly 80 people, it’s never the same day twice at CONSOL to achieve that goal. Rosato’s teams meet with CONSOL’s various business units to find technology solutions to their unique problems.

“My ultimate goal is to have management wake up in the morning, look at their smartphone, and get the health of the company at a moment’s notice.”

Rosato noted that CONSOL has kept him engaged for nearly 30 years as the energy company allows its workforce to be creative and seek solutions that might be out of the typical corporate boundaries.

“At CONSOL, if you have an idea, they allow you to run with it!” he said.

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