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Driving Change

Driving Change

Article Published: May 2, 2014

By Matthew Pross, Editor

Not often do you hear the CEO of a 25-year-old company refer to it as a startup, but when you are leading organization-wide change like Bryce Veon at Autosoft, the label makes sense.

“2013 was a rebuilding year for Autosoft, where we focused on making investments in the company, our products and personnel,” Veon, President and CEO of Autosoft, said. “Each of these components is integral to setting the course for our new direction and, more importantly, will set us apart from our competitors in the [auto] dealer management software market.”

Based in West Middlesex, Pa., Autosoft is one of the main North American providers of an integrated DMS (dealer management software) platform. About 2,000 franchised and independent car dealers and more than 30,000 users in the U.S. and Canada leverage the Autosoft DMS to manage every facet of their day-to-day operations. Essentially an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for car dealers, the DMS is an integrated set of applications that manage all of the key aspects of the business.

The company was originally founded by Bryce’s father in 1988. Now, under Bryce’s leadership, Autosoft is completing a total redesign of its core software product to add expanded functionality and optimize ease of use. The software firm currently employs about 25 developers at its West Middlesex location (southern Mercer county).

“The main focus throughout the redesign has been to make the software more intuitive and easy to use for our customers,” Veon explained. “Our goal is to deliver to the market the best in affordable DMS technologies that enable dealers to operate their businesses efficiently without requiring long-term commitments or high monthly fees.”

“Autosoft FLEX Solutions includes Autosoft’s enhanced DMS and Autosoft FLEX Connect, an advanced open integration architecture to third-parties and OEMs,” he continued. “In addition, the company’s new Finance & Insurance cloud-based software and service technology capabilities provide enhanced value, convenience, productivity and management insight for Autosoft users.”

As part of the company’s refresh, Autosoft brought in a new senior management team to execute on the company’s new strategic direction. Mark Hellbusch joined the company as Executive Vice President and CTO. He was formerly the Chief Operating Officer at AWS TruePower and previously the Vice President of Quality at Reynolds & Reynolds. John Schneider joined Autosoft as Senior Vice President of Development. He was formerly Vice President of Software Development at Xerox. Chris Morris, a former consultant with Autosoft who has leadership experience with multiple Fortune 500 corporations, joined the company as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Steve Gilbert joined the Autosoft team as Vice President of Sales. Gilbert formerly held a sales leadership position at The Standard Register Co.

“Our investments in talent, technology, processes and customer care services now deliver even more value for our current users and make the Autosoft DMS the most attractive and capable DMS option for any dealership.”

In addition to its investment in top-tier leadership, Autosoft just recently added 12 employees to its customer support center, which occupies the entire ground floor of its newly renovated West Middlesex headquarters.

“Technical support is very important to our customers,” Veon said. “In addition to the DMS software, we provide support and services to deliver a complete solution. We took our industry-leading support center to an even higher service level with investments in additional personal, new technology, and processes. We truly deliver world-class support to our customers today.”

Over the next 18 months, Veon said that Autosoft will continue to work on improving its DMS and adding new customer-facing features, such as barcode scanning technology, mobile app functionality and a robust document management system.

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