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Sometimes Doing the Small Things Means Doing Big Things...

Sometimes Doing the Small Things Means Doing Big Things...

Article Published: May 4, 2014

By Audrey Russo, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council

The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s mission, to ensure that tech companies thrive across southwestern Pennsylvania, means that we are constantly evaluating our value proposition. While our objective is not to create high profit on what we do for our members, it is our objective to ensure that solutions, which ease business cultivation and growth, are part of our core.

The last couple of years caused much angst to employers and their employees about the future of health care insurance. The Affordable Care Act has caused ripples that include emotion, cost, access and plan designs for companies of all employee sizes. While the roll-out of federal and state exchanges has had uneven deployment depending upon each state’s decision for implementation models, all people who run businesses have been inundated by dialogue that often impedes day-to-day, business-critical activities.

While the health insurance world across the U.S. continues to adapt to the federal mandates, company leaders are left with a confused decision set, particularly those with less than 100 employees. After months of strategizing, benchmarking and listening to our members, we realized that rather than remove ourselves from employee benefits, we have, at our core, been at the epicenter of the seismic shift. The Tech Council and its Corporate Coverage Group serve a large constituency of small tech companies (whose numbers are growing not shrinking).

We have partnerships with both health plans in our region, as well as newer insurers who have grown their presence across the Pittsburgh region. We also realize, that, while the complex navigation required is time consuming, we have tools to assist.

As a result, effective April 1, 2014, we have strengthened, not reduced, our Corporate Coverage Group offerings with the number-one priority of customer service paired with on-line tools.

A sampling of these offerings includes:

• Human Resources Consulting

• Health Care Insurance Claims Dispute Resolution

• Labor Compliance Advisory (ERISA/HIPPA/FMLA)

• On-line HR Resources Portal with HR Template Policies, Handbooks and Regulatory Updates

• Web-based Benefits & HR Management System

• Property & Casualty Insurance Products

• Alternative Risk Insurance Products

• Loss Control Services

• Claims Management.

Paired with our relaunched Career Connector (pghcareerconnector.com), we believe we have coalesced tools that support talent attraction and retention. While the world of employee benefits certainly remains in flux, we know that employers want to attract and retain the best talent. Providing robust offerings is one piece of the talent puzzle and certainly not all that is needed, but the administrative time needed to ensure current practices, cost structures and providing new innovative offerings is what we know we can help with.

As a business executive, you know time is all you have, and with the rapid rate of change in business, I am confident that meeting with our new team, you will quickly discover that we mean what we say: we want to give our members the tools they need to ensure they comply with policy, provide high-touch customer service and tools to access human resource support. Being a member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council offers many benefits... but this one just got even better.  

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