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Health Insurance Renewal Season is here...The PTC Corporate Coverage Group can help!

Health Insurance Renewal Season is here...The PTC Corporate Coverage Group can help!

Article Published: October 20, 2014

As we transition from summer to autumn, it is health insurance renewal season. The event for 2014 and 2015 comes with continued complications fueled by the Affordable Care Act and Highmark-UPMC network access changes.

“It is our job to educate PTC members and support critical decision-making with intelligent guidance and interpretation of new health plans, funding strategies and an evolving coverage frontier,” said Jessica Galardini, President of JRG Advisors and partner to the PTC Corporate Coverage Group program.

Health insurance and the overall employee benefits program are significant to the employer value proposition to attract and maintain a quality workforce. According to Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For,” companies on the list had three things in common related to benefits offerings: (1) they retained or expanded their benefits throughout the recession; (2) they researched new benefits options that yielded the most ‘bang for their buck’; and (3) they selected benefits that met the needs of employees instead of selecting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan. 

The investment in employees is among a company’s top expenditures. So, before preparing for the fast-approaching holiday season, invest your time now with the PTC CCG team and get ahead of schedule for a prepared and prosperous New Year.

A key action is to survey employees right now about specific expectations and needs for utilizing the two hospital and physician networks in our region; with a close second being the appetite for employee out-of-pocket expense and premium contribution. You can make an informed decision to ‘grandmother’ a current health insurance plan, change plans and enter the ACA compliant marketplace, or redesign your current plan of benefits altogether. With the proper consulting, you can define the benefits cost and funding mechanism and pair it with the right health insurance plan to meet the decided-upon “must haves” in your employee value proposition and budget parameters.

Just about when you are putting the pumpkins away, it will be time for your employee open enrollment. The PTC CCG team will take the time to help you plan in advance for this all-important venue to engage employees in your value proposition and top investment. There will be changes to your health plan inherent in the network issue; and with proper consulting, there will be changes in the number of plan options from which to choose, coverage levels, cost sharing, integrated wellness rewards, and more. You may find this the perfect time to polish your value proposition and introduce the exclusive Life, Disability and Employee Assistance Program offered to PTC members only, with exceptional benefits and premium guarantees through December 2018. It’s also a great time to introduce voluntary benefits like Pet Insurance or Critical Illness, as well as pre-tax benefits plans like Flexible Spending Accounts.

The bottom line is that the work you do now with the PTC CCG experts to sort through the landscape of health insurance and employee benefits will provide you (and your CFO and HR team) with significant relief, answers to numerous and complex questions, access to and understanding of the solutions that make sense for your workforce, and ongoing service and consulting support to maximize the value proposition and investment for your company. 

PTC CCG welcomes the opportunity to connect you with its consulting team at JRG Advisors to help you examine the complete benefits and risk management portfolio, including fully insured, self-funded, private exchange, and traditional plans. The PTC CCG team will provide the expert analysis and recommendations for improvement of your Company funding and plan strategy. Call 1-855-717-2864 today to speak with a qualified PTC CCG consultant. 

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