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Tech Transfer/Innovation Winter 2017

Tech Transfer/Innovation Winter 2017

Article Published: February 14, 2017

TechtransferStart digging into this issue and stay there a while as both Pitt and CMU's tech transfer efforts will rev your engine.

We have the usual dose of Pittsburgh tech profiles, including Build in Motion, CivicMapper, Evolution E-Cycling, WorkBook Software and Confirmed Instant Scheduler. Yup, the startup vibe is happening across the region.

Ace Hotel anchors this issue's Converge Initiative detailing how it embraces the and supports the neighborhoods where it does business.

TEQ is never complete without a ton of thought leadership and business-building know-how. Learn how to govern your data, drive viral growth, polish your leadership skills, make effective hires and leverage content marketing.

It's all in there. Start reading here. 

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